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Tickets for Out-of-State Drivers in Maryland

Maryland treats traffic offenses differently from other jurisdictions because the state is part of Driver’s License Compact. This means that any violations a driver has in Maryland carry over to other states. Therefore, it is important to understand the consequences of traffic tickets for out-of-state drivers in Maryland. If you were recently issued a ticket in the state, a lawyer experienced with traffic violations could guide you on the best course of action.

What Should Out-of-State Drivers Know About Maryland Traffic Tickets?

The first thing to do is determine whether or not it is a must appear or a payable ticket. In cases of a must appear ticket, failing to appear in court could result in additional, serious penalties.

The second thing an individual should do is respond in some way, whether that is paying the fine, requesting a waiver hearing, or requesting a trial date. All of these things should be done in an expedited manner so that the court knows that the individual responded to the ticket and did not simply abscond. Should they choose not to comply with the ticket, their license could be suspended.

Additionally, being unaware of Maryland traffic laws is not a complete defense in Maryland.  However, it can be used in what is known as a mitigation period to allow a judge to cut them a break. If they are found guilty, a judge can give them probation for judgment, which therefore prevents them from receiving any points.

Receiving a Ticket

A person receiving a ticket may be mailed a paper notice if they were caught on a speed camera. This notice could take several weeks to reach them. However, this does not mean all tickets are delayed for out-of-state drivers. If a driver is pulled over in Maryland, an officer would give them a citation right then.

Maryland sends information about a paid or unpaid ticket to an out-of-state driver through the Driver License Compact, which allows the different driving agencies between the states to share traffic ticket information electronically. An individual’s driving history will show whether or not the ticket has been paid.

Paying a Ticket

An out-of-state driver who does not pay off their traffic citation ticket by the due date could face penalties such as a license suspension or fines.

Camera Speeding Tickets

If an individual is driving and notices a traffic camera flashes, it is likely they were violating the speed limit. Speed camera violations do not require a court appearance as these are payable tickets. However, a person may appear in court to fight the ticket if they believe there was a mistake.

Contact a Lawyer for Help

A local traffic attorney could help drivers facing traffic violations in Maryland contest a ticket because they have a direct knowledge about the jurisdiction and the judges. They know the Maryland traffic codes and how they work. Additionally, they know how to handle cases of tickets for out-of-state drivers in Maryland. If you believe a mistake was made in your receiving a ticket, call a traffic attorney for help.