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Salisbury DUI Arrest Records

The public can access arrest records or a portion of a much larger record, which is the court’s record. The entire court record can be accessed by the public by way of a website in Maryland, called the Maryland Judiciary Case Search. If a person was arrested as a part of a court case, the fact that they were arrested is going to be located within that information regarding the case. While DUI charges can be considered a common offense in the area, they are still a stain on a person’s criminal record. To discuss fighting your charge with an experienced Salisbury DUI attorney, call today and schedule a free consultation.

Consequences of a Public Salisbury Arrest Record

Those records are kept at the court where the case has been filed. For a Salisbury DUI charge, the District Court has the records. A member of the public can come to the court and ask to see the court record. Also, the records can be accessed by the internet because anybody can go on to a website called Maryland Judiciary Case Search and they can look for a person’s name and look up all the records of that person’s arrest or court cases. The court records detailing whether or not somebody was arrested as a part of a court case is all a matter of public record.

The consequences of having a public arrest record are that anybody can see it. However, not everybody necessarily understands what they are seeing. What that means is that essentially, a layperson may look and see that an individual was arrested but they may not understand that that does not mean that the person was prosecuted, and it does not mean that the person was actually convicted of anything. It is simply the fact that that person was arrested. Those records potentially could be misconstrued by people who do not understand that an arrest means nothing but an arrest. It does not mean that the person was actually convicted of anything.

As a matter of fact in Salisbury, the local newspaper makes a point of publishing a list of everyone that was arrested for a DUI. Not only can the fact that somebody was arrested be found in the court record or on the website, if you subscribe to the local newspaper, there is a list of people who have been charged for driving under the influence.

Public Accessibility of Mug Shots

Typically, the mug shot would not be something that would be available to the public, because that is typically more a part of the police officer’s record and the police records are not as easily accessible as court records are. However, if someone were to follow the correct procedures and request it through the Freedom of Information Act, which provides access to police records, it is possible that somebody could get access to a mug shot. But it is more complicated to do that than just the kinds of records that are readily available at the courthouse.