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Salisbury DUI Enforcement

In Maryland, if a defendant takes a breath test, and the result is a 0.08 or greater, a judge can conclude that the defendant’s normal coordination is substantially impaired based on that breath test result alone. However, the defendant can still be charged even if he refuses to take the breath test. A Salisbury DUI lawyer can build a strong defense strategy and aggressively fights for your case.

The defendant can also be convicted based on the testimony of the police officer when a police officer testifies to his observations of the defendant. That testimony alone could be enough to convict a defendant of a DUI even though the defendant did not take the breath test.

Evidence for Salisbury DUI Cases

In order to be convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), the state must prove that the defendant drove or operated a motor vehicle while the defendant’s normal coordination was substantially impaired by alcohol. Proof of substantially impaired coordination includes:

  • The inability to properly drive a car
  • Weaving in and out of lanes
  • Crossing the center line
  • Driving significantly above or below the posted speed limit
  • Swaying or having to hold on to the car for balance
  • Difficulty in locating necessary paperwork, like license and registration
  • Slurred speech or difficulty comprehending basic questions

A defendant can be charged with a DUI even if he doesn’t take a breath test.

Salisbury Law Enforcement and DUIs

Law enforcement officers in Salisbury are very aggressive in their investigations of possible drunk drivers. The DUI laws in Salisbury are heavily enforced. In Salisbury and the surrounding counties, there are multiple law enforcement agencies that target drunk drivers, including the Salisbury Police department, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office and the Maryland State Police. These law enforcement agencies patrol all of the city streets, county roads and state highways in the Salisbury area.

DUI Checkpoints

It is unusual for there to be a sobriety checkpoint set up within the city limits of Salisbury but it has happened in the past, although not very frequently. However, there are DUI checkpoints that take place on the county road and highways outside of Salisbury and they regularly occur during the year. These checkpoints typically take place on route 13, which runs north and south through Salisbury and route 50 which runs east and west through Salisbury.

Salisbury DUI Cases in Court

DUI cases are handled very aggressively in Salisbury and it is extremely important to have an experienced attorney to accompany you to court. These cases are very rarely pled down to something smaller.

The judges on Eastern shore and in Salisbury will incarcerate a defendant for a second DUI. DUIs are a huge focus for law enforcement officers in Salisbury because there is a great deal of focus and attention placed on DUIs within the community. Mothers Against Drunk Driving has a very strong presence in Salisbury and they have a physical presence within the actual courtrooms in district court during every DUI docket that takes place in Salisbury. There will be a representative from Mothers Against Drunk Driving to observe how those cases are being handled. Also, all DUI charges are published in the local newspaper. With all of this public focus placed on DUI cases, the law enforcement officers and the prosecutors and the courts follow up with aggressive prosecution and sentences.

DUI Enforcement Trends in Salisbury

Salisbury is an interesting area–it is the largest city on the Eastern Shore, and is the county seat for Wicomico County. Therefore, it is the busiest area in an otherwise very rural area. This area has no public transportation to speak of. There is a transit system but it doesn’t run in the evenings. There are few cab companies. As a result, people will often drive a car after having consumed alcohol.

In addition, the city of Salisbury is also the location of Salisbury University.  When the University is in session, there is a significant uptick in traffic around the school, both pedestrian and vehicular. There also is an uptick in young people out at the restaurants and bars. While the University does provide transit buses, there are still a large number of students who get stopped and charged with DUI.