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Impact of a Salisbury DUI on Employment

A DUI can have an incredibly negative impact on employment to the point where a person’s employment could very well be terminated based on a DUI. There certainly is a difference between being arrested and being convicted and for most employers, the mere fact that someone is charged does not mean that they would be fired. It is much more likely that the employer would wait to find out if the individual is actually convicted or what they are actually convicted of, before deciding whether or not to terminate their employment. Some employers might also consider it fine, if the individual receives the disposition of probation before judgment where they do not actually have the conviction. With that said, anyone who is charged with a DUI in Salisbury should consult with a Salisbury DUI attorney in order to avoid, or at least mitigate, the negative impact on their employment.

DUI and Government Jobs

Plenty of people who get charged with a DUI do not lose their jobs and their employment continues on as it had before they were arrested. But that can be very different for people employed by the government because state and federal government can have some very specific guidelines about what sort of conduct will cause termination. It is possible that having that conviction or even having a probation before judgment would be a basis to terminate in government positions.

For some people, the ability to drive can have a huge impact on their employment. If they are convicted of a DUI, and consequently they lose their ability to drive then they could very well end up losing their job.

Background Checks in Salisbury

For county and state employment, running background checks is going to be an automatic part of the perspective employee process. Private businesses are not necessarily going to run background checks but it may be required then that a background check take place. Or if they are working for private employment, but they have to hold certain licenses or certifications, then a background check might be involved.

It really depends on, if they are applying for a position with a private company or if they are applying for a job with the government. That could be the difference of to whether or not there is a background check done.

Effect of a DUI Conviction on Job Prospects

A DUI conviction could be the difference between a person getting a job or not getting that job. There are a lot more people applying for jobs now, and if an employer has three or four really strong potential candidates and then they look and run a background check and see that one of those candidates has a DUI, then potentially that could take that potential employee out of the running.

Employers will consider this to be completely fair because an employer is going to be looking for an employee who is going to be reliable and show up for work on time and show up for work sober. Employee’s want to know if the potential employee will be reliable, get work done on time, and not have any other potential issues going on like dealing with over-drinking.

Explaining a DUI Record

An individual applying for a job will not always have the opportunity to explain their record, or what happened, because the employer does not have to tell them why they rejected their application or why they chose to hire somebody else over them. And so, a person cannot count on having the chance to explain what happened, and that is the problem with getting in trouble and having a record. Their record speaks for them and it can be a real impediment.