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Value of a Criminal Lawyer in Somerset

People should understand that if an officer asks to speak with them, they do not have to speak to the officer. Every individual has the right to refuse to speak with the officer or say, “I want to consult with an attorney before I speak with you.” This is not an indication of guilt but will protect you from incriminating yourself in the case you are charged.

If an individual is facing criminal charges, it is very important for them to know that they should consult with an attorney right away. There are things an attorney can do by getting involved early that can make a huge difference in the outcome of a client’s case. It is important for people to understand that when they are facing criminal charges, there is a possibility that they could be convicted. If charged with a criminal offense they may end up needing to go to court and defend themselves against experienced and aggressive prosecutors if they do not have representation. The sooner an individual gets in touch with a Somerset criminal lawyer, the sooner they can start getting an attorney’s knowledgeable advice and the better off they will be.

Local Somerset Laws

Somerset municipal laws and ordinances can influence criminal cases on occasion. Typically, a person could be stopped or the police may have interaction with a defendant because they are alleging that the defendant violated a local ordinance. However, the original interaction over the violation of an ordinance can develop into a much more serious criminal charge after an investigation.

For example, if there is an ordinance that says that the music coming out of your car should not be audible more than 50 feet away from the car, an officer is justified in pulling over a car, having contact with the driver, and investigating the issue of the noise ordinance. Contact with the driver could lead to a further investigation of something much more serious. For example, if the police officer was to see in plain view proof of illegal possession of drugs or an open container of alcohol, the initial stop of an ordinance has developed into something much more serious.

Benefits of an Attorney

The benefit of having an experienced criminal defense attorney is that you are walking into court with an attorney who is familiar with the nuances of Somerset and Maryland law, as well as the rules and procedures. An experienced defense attorney local to Somerset has probably tried cases in front of the exact judge and prosecutors that could be handling an individual’s case that day. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be surprised by very little and that is a huge benefit to the client.

Part of the benefit of experience is that an attorney can predict what might be coming next so as not to be taken by surprise. Each case has its own distinct facts, but there is also a great deal of similarities from case to case. An attorney who has practiced for years has the benefit of dealing with similar scenarios they’ve already handled. There is no substitute for experience when an attorney is handling your case.

Contacting an Attorney

It is important to contact an attorney early on because there are a lot of things that need to be dealt with early on in the case. If possible, it is great to be able to consult with an attorney prior to even being charged. An attorney can listen to the situation and determine if certain records need to be requested right way because it is possible that they might get destroyed, or seek a witness immediately and get that witness’s statement on record because there is a possibility that with time passing the person may no longer be willing to give an honest statement.

Additionally, speaking with an attorney before speaking with the police can help a person from saying something that can be used against them in the future. In many cases, people do not understand all of the elements of a particular crime, and they may not realize what they are saying is giving proof to one of those elements.

Not an Implication of Guilt

Speaking with an attorney does not imply guilt. It is important to understand that in most scenarios, the fact that a defendant asked to speak to an attorney never even comes into play in the case against him. For example, whoever would be hearing a case, whether it is a judge or jury, the fact that the defendant had asked to speak with an attorney would never be brought up in court, depending on the chronology of events.

Generally, it is a smart thing for people to speak to an attorney because a lot of times people do not understand that the statement that they are giving is actually including information that the police are going to use against them. They may not understand that what they are saying may be giving the officers proof to be used against them later in court.

It is better to consult with somebody who knows what all the elements of the crime are before talking to a police officer and potentially handing the police officer everything the police officer needs in order to charge and convict the defendant.