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A Grateful Client

I was facing a 2nd degree attempted murder & 10 other accounts including first degree burglary, first degree assault and many others. I was facing over 75 years in prison. Dave was significantly different then all of the attorneys who came to visit me. Dave was very realistic about my case, and assured me that he would take care of me. I really liked that Dave didn’t give me ideas on what to do right away. Dave absorbed the information, and seemed very calculated. Dave did not let us down, his litigation skills are impeccable. During the bond revocation trial he proved that the main witness while on the stand, was lying. It was very clear to the judge and prosecutor that the accusations were false thanks to Dave’s litigation skills. Dave was able to get ALL the counts thrown out, and I just ended up with a PBJ for second degree assault. Dave was very organized, well prepared, and knowledgeable about my whole case. He showed extreme professionalism throughout the entire ordeal. He did an amazing job keeping me calm, and never set my expectations higher than reality. He always informed me about all possible scenarios throughout my whole case. I am EXTREMELY happy about what happened. He literally saved my life. Dave is absolutely worth the investment. I really can’t thank Dave enough and everyone else at his firm that helped with the investigation of the case. I would recommend Dave for ANY criminal case, he is worth the investment and will get the best possible result for you or a loved one.