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His Deportment and Disposition set a Positive Tone with the Judge

Mr. Arora did an outstanding job handling a very difficult case. I had never faced a legal issue in my entire life, and suddenly found myself facing 5 criminal charges, including a felony. I was fraught with emotion and Mr. Arora kept me calm and focused on the important issues, while not dismissing or ignoring the impact the situation was having on me. He always kept me informed of where we were in the process, what actions both he and the state were taking, and what it all meant. Through his experience, he knew that there would be ‘ups and downs’ associated with my case as it progressed, had an insight on the emotional effect it would have on me, and always addressed such issues. He leveraged his legal skills to drive five charges, including a felony, heading to trial, down to two misdemeanor charges addressed at a plea hearing, with favorable results. In court, he was smooth and articulate. His deportment and disposition set a positive tone with the judge. I hope I never need the services of a criminal attorney again, but if I do, Mr. Arora will be my first choice.