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Maryland Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Drug trafficking is investigated and prosecuted extremely seriously in Maryland. Trafficking drugs means moving drugs from one place to the other, which could mean transporting them from one place to another, or assisting in the transportation by hiring people to move them or providing a vehicle to move them. This could also mean finding people who would be able to distribute the drugs.

If you are facing drug trafficking accusations, it is important to retain the help of a Maryland drug trafficking lawyer early on in your case. An experienced drug attorney can do their best to build your defense and fight your charges.

Trafficking Enforcement

In Maryland, law enforcement is cracking down on these issues with respect to any drug-related offense. They start at the grassroots level with people who are in simple possession of a controlled dangerous substance. They ask those people where they got the drug, which can be from a low-level distributor, then move up the chain. That is how they are able to get to higher-level drug traffickers who are actually responsible for bringing drugs into the community.

Trafficking itself is a general term including many different potential actions. If someone is endangered, killed, or injured in some way in the process of trafficking, this can complicate or exacerbate a drug trafficking situation even more thereby making it imperative that a drug trafficking lawyer in Maryland is consulted.

Multiple Co-Defendants

Drug trafficking cases almost always involve multiple defendants, because it is unusual for a high-end drug trafficker to be caught with the drug itself.
Usually, in order to get to that drug trafficker, a detective has spent a great deal of time investigating the structure of the drug ring, and how the drugs got to the individual possessor or recreational user. As they move up the chain of command, there are usually multiple co-defendants associated with the drug trafficking offense.

Impact of Co-Defendants

Often if there are multiple co-defendants in drug trafficking cases in Maryland, particularly in high-level cases, some or all of those co-defendants are able to make a deal to have their charges dismissed or reduced in exchange for their testimony about the higher-up people in the organization.
The more co-defendants there are, the more complex the situation can be for the defendants and their Maryland drug trafficking attorney. It is unusual for every single criminal defendant to decide they are not going to give information in exchange for some kind of reduction of their own charges.
Often that is very beneficial to the police department, and if the defendant provides information, this can also be beneficial to the defendant in the course of the case.

Working with an Attorney

One important thing to remember about Maryland drug trafficking charges is that often charges are based on the word of someone giving information with the intention of getting something back in exchange for it.
There will be an opportunity to challenge every witness, to cross-examine every witness against you in the courtroom to try to gain the most favorable results for the case.
A person should have their charging documents available so that they can review them with their Maryland drug trafficking attorney and be prepared to give their attorney their version of the events as well as any alibis, or witnesses that would be able to assist the court in disproving the prosecution.