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Fredericksburg Gun Lawyer

Some Americans enjoy exercising their right to gun ownership. The Second Amendment to the Constitution states we can have firearms, but the government may place restrictions on how people exercise that right. If you own a gun, you need to understand the laws related to possession and use. It can be scary if the police accuse you of violating some statute and arrest you. You may need legal advice if that occurs.

Because of the laws in place, you may have legal protections which you could take advantage of to help minimize or avoid some of the potential outcomes related to a gun-crime conviction.

An Frederick County gun lawyer could sit down with you to discuss your rights and the various ways you can protect your freedom and future. A firearm conviction could result in jail time and the loss of the right to own a weapon. A seasoned defense attorney may be helpful to deal with these issues.

Gun Laws in Frederick County

Within the Maryland Criminal Law, the government noted that the number of violent crimes has increased and many of those crimes involved handguns. The government also noted that many crimes were related to criminals carrying weapons in public places and that the previous set of laws did not deter crime. For more information on firearm laws, contact an experienced gun lawyer in Frederick County.

Public Transportation of Guns

A person may not carry or transport firearms, according to Maryland Criminal Law § 4-203. The prohibited acts include:

  • carrying a gun on the body,
  • transporting a firearm on a public road, waterway or airway,
  • taking a gun onto public school property,
  • carrying or transporting a handgun with the intention to injure or kill another person, and
  • carrying or transporting a loaded weapon.

Authorized Transportation of Guns

People may transport or carry guns if that person has some official position that the law allows carrying a gun. This group includes police officers, sheriffs, and correctional officers.

Civilians may carry a firearm to and from a gun shop, repair shop, the gun owner’s home and workplace. Collectors may transport guns to public or private gun exhibits. The owner must unload the weapon and carry it in a case. Homeowners, tenants and business owners may carry firearms and allow their employees to take guns onto the property.

The Penalties For Improper Gun Transportation

The first time a person violates one of the above laws, the court may convict that person of a misdemeanor, which may result in up to 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $250. A second conviction could result in one to ten years in prison. Therefore, it is critical for a defendant to reach out to an accomplished criminal lawyer.

Possession of a Gun while a Crime is Committed

The law states it is a crime to possess a gun when a person commits a violent crime, even if the person does not use the firearm and the weapon is unloaded or inoperable, which is noted in Maryland Criminal Law §4-204. If a person violates this rule, the court must add at least five years and up to twenty years on the person’s sentencing.

Get in Touch with an Frederick County Gun Attorney

You have the right to possess a gun, but you need to be aware of the rules which apply to you. If the police suspect you of violating some firearm-related law, you may require the services of an aggressive defense attorney. The government takes gun law violations seriously, so you may find the help of an Frederick County gun lawyer to be invaluable. You may be surprised by the procedure and options you have. Call today to learn more.