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Frederick County Assault Lawyer

If you are accused of making threats or becoming involved in a physical altercation, a Frederick County assault lawyer can help you try to avoid conviction for assault and battery. There are defenses to assault you can raise, and other possible options to pursue when you respond to charges of assault. Call an attorney in Frederick County to speak with a legal advocate who can help you decide what your best options are for trying to avoid a guilty verdict or limit the penalties you could face.

Benefits of Hiring Frederick County Assault Lawyer

When faced with assault charges, you need to decide if you are going to plead not guilty and go to trial. If you go to court, the prosecutor has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that you intentionally committed an assault offense. If you can make the jury question your intent, or any of the different elements of the crime, you can successfully introduce doubt and avoid being convicted since the prosecutor can’t meet the legal burden.
You can also raise defenses to assault charges, including claiming that you acted in self-defense or that your actions were intended to defend others.  You have the right to protect yourself and if you were provoked, a Frederick County assault lawyer help you prove it.
A deep understanding of the law is important when deciding whether to raise defenses, make the jury doubt the case against you, or respond to charges in another way. Your assault attorney in Frederick County can help you determine right course of action. Your lawyer can also help you to explore the possibility of plea agreements, getting charges dismissed, or getting a deferred sentence and avoiding a criminal record.
You face serious penalties when accused of assault in Frederick County, and you deserve to have a lawyer advising you who knows the law, is familiar with local court rules, and has a background in representing clients charged with similar offenses.

Assault Laws in Frederick County

Maryland Code Section 3-201 prohibits assault and battery. Assault is defined as intentionally making threats of imminent offensive and undesirable contact. You can be convicted only if a reasonable person would find the behavior threatening and the risk of undesirable physical contact was immediate.  Battery is defined as making offensive contact without consent. A defendant can be charged with either misdemeanor or felony assault and battery.
A defendant can be charged with felony assault, or first degree assault defined by Code Section 3-202, when there is a firearm used or when the defendant attempts to cause serious injury.  The attempt to cause injury does not have to be successful for a defendant to be charged with first degree assault and face up to 25 years in prison.
Misdemeanor assault, or second degree assault as defined by Code Section 3-203, can result in up to 10 years in prison and a $2,500 fine. If a defendant assaults someone in the criminal justice system (like a prosecutor or law enforcement officer), the potential penalty is more severe.

Contact a Frederick County Assault Attorney Immediately

 Many defendants are accused of assault after a simple misunderstanding or an altercation that allegedly gets out of hand. An accusation does not always lead to a guilty verdict, and a Frederick County assault lawyer can work hard to help you avoid conviction. Call today to learn more.