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Frederick County Sex Crimes Lawyer

Being convicted of a sex crime can not only lead to prison time, but could also result in you being forced to register as a sex offender. Do not take accusations of sex crimes lightly. Contact a Frederick County sex crimes lawyer for help as soon as you believe you are under suspicion or as soon as you are arrested for any sex offense. Call today to set up a free consultation with a sex crimes attorney in Frederick County.

Working with a Frederick County Sex Crimes Attorney

There are a number of potential defenses to accusations that a sex crime has been committed. These defenses vary greatly based on the nature of the offense. For example, defenses may include:

  • Consent, which is a defense as long as the alleged victim is not a minor or otherwise unable to give consent.
  • Mistaken identity, which is a defense that claims you are not the person who actually committed the offense.
  • False accusations, which means you allege you were accused improperly of acts you did not commit
  • Planted memories, which is a defense that is commonly used in sex crimes cases involving minors
  • Illegal search, which may be a defense to child pornography offenses if your home or computer was searched without a proper warrant

While you can raise affirmative defenses for sex crimes charges, you do not necessarily have to do this in order to avoid being convicted. Any time a prosecutor is not able to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt, a judge or jury should not find a defendant guilty.

A Frederick County sex crimes lawyer will help you explore all of your options so you can try to secure a not guilty verdict. Your attorney can also help you to negotiate a plea agreement if you don’t want to go to trial.

Frederick County Sex Crimes

Sex crimes in Frederick County include non-consensual sexual behavior, or sex acts with minors or other inappropriate partners. Incest, sex with someone underage, and sex with someone who is physically or mentally unable to consent can all lead to harsh penalties. Non-consensual sex involving penetration is charged as rape, while other types of non-consensual sex acts are charged as sexual assault offenses.

In Frederick County, the age of consent is 16. However, if someone is at least 14 years of age, a defendant will not be charged with a sex offense for consensual contact with the minor unless the defendant is four or more years older.

A defendant can also be charged with sex crimes for certain types of pornographic materials. Any involvement with child pornography, including possession or solicitation of pornographic material depicting children, could also potentially result in decades of incarceration.

Contacting a Frederick County Sex Crimes Lawyer

A Frederick County sex crimes lawyer can put his legal background and knowledge of Maryland laws to work to try to help you minimize the harm of your charges. You may be able to plea bargain to reduced charges which, in some cases, can keep you off the registry or allow you to register for less time. Because of the serious potential penalties, it is a good idea to contact a Frederick County sex crimes attorney as soon as you can when accused of a sex crime.