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DUI Jail in Frederick

After a DUI arrest, people are taken to the Frederick County Police Station, which is located very close to downtown Frederick, and that is the location where they will be processed and likely offered the opportunity to take a breathalyzer test. For more information on jails in Frederick and what steps to take following your release, contact a  local DUI lawyer.

Central Booking

Central booking is part of the police station where people are processed for criminal charges. There is a detention center attached to the commissioner’s office and the sheriff’s office is located in that same building.

Central Booking vs. Jail

Central booking is a place where people are processed. While there is a detention center attached, it is not necessarily a place that somebody might be held for a lengthy period of time. A detention center, or what is commonly referred to as a jail, is where somebody would be held for longer than just a few hours if they were booked in central booking and processed. DUI jail in Frederick involves both these places. After someone is booked, either they are seen by a commissioner to determine bond or they are released by the police officer on their own recognizance.

DUI Jails in Frederick

The DUI jail in Frederick is not unlike a jail anywhere else in the country. It is a facility that houses people where their movements and freedom are restricted and monitored. It is not designed to be a pleasant experience, but it is a safe environment where a person is held while determinations are being made about whether or not they should be released on bond.

Expectations After Arrest and Before Bail

After a person is arrested, they are usually processed at the police station and turned over to a commissioner so that a determination can be made about whether or not they should be released either on their own recognizance or with a bond. If a commissioner made the determination that bond is not appropriate, then they will be seen the following day to make determinations about a bond.
In a DUI case, it is usually very rare for it to go that far. Generally speaking, the commissioner or the police officer will determine that a bond is appropriate and will release somebody either on their own recognizance or on some small bond.

Medical Resources Available

Medical resources available at the jail in Frederick are fairly limited. There are medical facilities there but not facilities where one can perform surgery or something of that nature. There are relationships that the Frederick County Jail and all jails have with local hospitals where there are secure facilities that can have procedures, particularly emergency procedures, performed.
If the arrested individual needs to be seen by a doctor, there are doctors that are at the Frederick County facility on a regular basis and if the doctors do not have the ability to handle what needs to be handled there, the inmate can securely be transported to a medical facility or hospital that is better equipped to handle the situation.

Expectations of Breath Test

If somebody is arrested for DUI, they will submit to a breathalyzer test immediately or they will be given the option to submit to a breathalyzer test immediately. They do not have to but that is the place where the option will be given to them.

Jail-Related Penalties

In Frederick, the jail-related penalties for a DUI might include up to a year in jail for a driving under the influence charge and up to 60 days in jail for driving while impaired charges. Those are the maximum penalties.

Mandatory Minimum Sentence

A mandatory minimum sentence simply means that a judge is required by law to impose a particular sentence and cannot go below that with respect to that sentence.
A person will be in jail as long as it takes for them to process and then if a bond is issued, as long as it takes for them to be bailed out. A person can be held in jail for up to the amount of time the charge that they are alleged to have committed carries as a maximum penalty. It could be up to a year if somebody could not make their bail. A person would be very unlikely to be held in the Frederick County Jail for a lengthy period of time. A Frederick DUI lawyer can offer more insight into jails in the area.

Frederick DUI Arrests