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DUI Arrest Records in Frederick 

DUI arrest records in Frederick are always public unless they involve juveniles. An arrest record will always be made available to the public almost immediately after a person is arrested. To combat this or discuss what options may be available, consult with an experienced Frederick DUI arrests lawyer can offer you advice on public records.

Where Records Are Stored and Published

Frederick DUI arrest records are stored at police headquarters. A copy is usually kept at the court and portions of these records are available online if a person is inclined to search for them, but any files that are in the court system are also available for public access.

Consequences of a Public Arrest Record

The consequences depend on one’s own particular life. If somebody has a job that they might lose if there is a record of public arrest, then that would certainly have an impact on their life. If somebody is going through a custody issue and cannot be arrested, certainly public records of that are going to create a problem. For some people, a DUI public arrest record in Frederick has no impact at all. It depends on their particular situation and circumstances.

Availability of Mug Shots

Mug shots are usually kept at the police station or within a court file. Again, it is accessible to the public in the same way as other parts of that file would be.

Dealing With Arrest Records

At certain times, arrest records are fully eligible for expungement depending on the resolution of the case. It is important to talk to an attorney about either filing a request to expunge or seal those records from public view, in which they no longer exist for the public.
These records are eligible for a seal by filing a motion with the court and then giving good cause to a judge on why the record should be eligible for a seal. It is very difficult to have records sealed unless good cause is shown for why they should be sealed. However, if charges are dismissed, it is usually not difficult to have them expunged provided they fall within the expungement statute.

Difference Between Record Sealing and Expungement

Record sealing and expungement are exactly the same because they are keeping the public from being able to view the records. An expungement means that a file is completely removed from the court system whereas a sealed record would still be available in the court but can only be reviewed again on a motion to the judge to open it back up for public inspection.

DUI Acquittal

If a person is acquitted of a DUI, the arrest record can be completely expunged from their record, and that process takes about eight weeks from the date a person files a request to expunge it.

Hiring a Frederick DUI Lawyer

A record of an arrest for a DUI can be a stressful prospect. A qualified and experienced attorney can go through your options and what aspects are specific to your case. Learn more about DUI arrest records in Frederick by contacting one today.

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