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Frederick Marijuana DUI Lawyer

A person can be charged with driving under the influence of marijuana. If someone is pulled over and the law enforcement official believes the person has consumed marijuana or is consuming marijuana while behind the wheel, they can face charges. A person should consider hiring a Frederick marijuana DUI lawyer immediately upon being charged with such an offense.

If you are facing driving under the influence of marijuana charges, it is critical that you consult a seasoned DUI drug lawyer. They can assist you through this process. A local attorney understands the marijuana laws and the types of charges and penalties you may face. They can evaluate the various factors when building a strong defense.

Decriminalization of Marijuana

Frederick marijuana laws are put into place to make determinations about whether a person can consume marijuana, be in possession of marijuana, and in what quantity to determine legality versus a simple civil violation.

A local Frederick marijuana DUI lawyer has the experience to understand how the decriminalization of marijuana can impact someone’s case. Decriminalization of marijuana does not have an impact on the possibility of being charged with a marijuana DUI. Decriminalization is a law associated with possession of marijuana. It does not have anything to do with the use of the marijuana.

It does not have anything to do with consumption of marijuana or the ability to operate a motor vehicle and to what degree while under the influence of that marijuana.

Types of Charges and Penalties

A person could face charges such as driving under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance. When there is in addition, a suspicion of alcohol, a controlled dangerous substance and/or alcohol charge could also be considered a part of the criminal charge.

Potential penalties include a period of incarceration, points on a person’s driving record, and fines to be given out in the court.

Differences Between Marijuana DUI and Alcohol-based Cases

Alcohol-based cases are often easier to prove. The breathalyzer machine is used in alcohol-related cases and considered a reliable tool by the court to determine a person’s level of impairment relating to the alcohol.

A marijuana case is different because marijuana levels cannot be detected unless some kind of testing is employed such as urinalysis testing, blood screening, or hair analysis. Even so, in those circumstances, marijuana is a type of substance that stays in a person’s system for a lengthy period of time. That lengthy period of time could be misleading as to the level of impairment or being under the influence of a substance if it is detected after someone is pulled over by the police officer. Those kinds of screenings can make it difficult for the court to determine whether a violation of the law took place when somebody operating a motor vehicle has marijuana in their system.

Critical Evidence and Prosecution Process

The evidence in marijuana cases is difficult to decipher and rely on especially when it comes to blood, urinalysis, or hair screenings. The nature of marijuana is that it stays in a person’s system for a long period of time. As a comparison, alcohol screening determines an instant level of impairment in a person’s system. When a person’s Frederick marijuana DUI lawyer is creating a strategy, they will review any evidence and determine if they can challenge any testing.

In a marijuana DUI case, the prosecutor must prove that a person was driving a vehicle while under the influence or impaired by a controlled dangerous substance. That is difficult to do unless the authorities have a qualified expert police officer with experience in administering and evaluating the results of drug-related field sobriety tests and reporting levels of impairment to the court based on these.

Attaining a Lawyer

It is crucial to contact a DUI attorney who has familiarity with marijuana DUIs. The lawyer can make sure that any and all defense arguments available relating to constitutional issues and the science behind the administration of the field sobriety tests are properly addressed on the client’s behalf in the criminal courtroom.
A knowledgeable Frederick marijuana DUI lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected and that you are receiving appropriate legal counsel for driving under the influence of drug charges.

There are several benefits of attaining a local Maryland attorney.

Frederick DUI Drug Lawyer