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Maryland Drug Paraphernalia Lawyer

If you are facing drug paraphernalia charges, you might benefit from reaching out to an experienced defense attorney. A Maryland drug paraphernalia lawyer knows the specific laws involved in these cases and could advise you on the best options for your case.

What is Drug Paraphernalia?

Drug paraphernalia includes items or equipment needed to use an illegal substance. However, these types of charges do not involve the possession of an illegal narcotic. They are charged based on the simple possession of materials used to store or consume drugs. A paraphernalia charge is typically a fine-only offense up to a maximum of $500. There is also a type of drug paraphernalia charge called “possession of controlled paraphernalia” which occurs when an individual possesses capsules, injectors, syringes or needles, or a combination of those.

Other examples of paraphernalia could be glass or an envelope with a container, which is oftentimes used for packaging things like cocaine and heroin. There could be other smaller types such as lactose, dextrose, and sucrose, which are used to mix and dilute drugs.

How a Drug Affects a Charge

The type of drug the paraphernalia is associated with would have an impact on how the courts address the case. If it is simply a type of paper or a pipe that is associated with marijuana, that is going to be looked at differently than needles or containers that would be more commonly associated with cocaine or heroin. A drug paraphernalia attorney in Maryland could explain to a defendant what drug is associated with the charge and how that could impact the potential penalties.

Penalties for Paraphernalia Possession

If a person faces regular paraphernalia charges, the maximum penalty is a fine of $500. However, if it involves controlled paraphernalia — items that can be connected with an actual drug that was in their possession — the maximum penalty can be up to four years in jail and a $25,000 fine. Sometimes these laws change depending upon the type of drug that is involved. A Maryland lawyer experienced with drug paraphernalia charges could work to lessen a defendant’s potential penalties.

Call a Maryland Drug Paraphernalia Attorney for Help

All cases of paraphernalia possession are fact-dependent, and every one of these cases has a different type of outcome. If an individual did not intend to use the paraphernalia in connection to a controlled dangerous substance, a seasoned attorney might be able to help advocate on their behalf to lessen the penalty or potentially prevent these charges from going forward.

In addition to legal fees and incarceration, a drug paraphernalia conviction would result in a permanent record. This can be accessed by potential employers and landowners and could make it difficult to obtain certain careers or housing. A Maryland drug paraphernalia lawyer could work with you to minimize these consequences by helping you build a strong defense and guiding you toward the best options for your circumstances. Call a lawyer today to learn more.