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Maryland Prescription Drug Lawyer

Should you find yourself facing charges, a Maryland prescription drug lawyer can guide and advise you on how you can build the strongest defense possible. Prescription drug offenses are as serious as any other offense. Most often, with respect to prescription drug offenses, what makes them serious in nature is not when people are in possession of lawful prescriptions but rather when they are in possession of prescriptions that were not lawfully-prescribed to them.
In those circumstances, a person could face serious criminal charges. Additionally, any actions taken such as driving, disorderly conduct, or assault of any kind while they were under the influence of prescription drugs, even if they were lawfully and medically-prescribed, is something taken very seriously by the criminal court system. A skilled drug defense attorney is necessary to combat such allegations.

Potential for Arrest

A person can be arrested for having a prescription drug if they do not have the prescription on them. But generally speaking, if they can produce the prescription, later on, their attorney could present that to the prosecutor either pretrial or on the court date.  As long as the prescription is valid and can be verified, prosecutors usually may elect not to prosecute these types of cases.
If at the time of the search, a person can show proof of prescription. There are certain circumstances where they could be charged with violating the law in Maryland if they are not holding a prescription in proper receptacles.
There are other kinds of prescription offenses that people can be charged with, even if they were lawfully in possession of the prescription, such as driving under the influence of that prescription, which has nothing to do whether or not the prescription was lawfully prescribed to them.

Law Enforcement Approach

When it comes to law enforcement, prescription drug charges are considered a priority. Just like any other criminal case, Maryland law enforcement recognizes that even though people can be in possession of prescription medication lawfully or under the influence of them lawfully, the behaviors that could result could be dangerous to people themselves or the community around them.
Anyone not using their prescription medication according to instruction and heeding all of the warnings on the labels can be held liable for their actions–in other words, for their criminal conduct while under the influence of such medications.


Evidence that will come into play is whether or not the drugs were lawfully prescribed and, depending on the type of criminal charges, what activity resulted from either the use or possession of those drugs. A Maryland prescription drug lawyer will be especially equipped to gather any evidence necessary to fortify the case.

Common Misunderstandings

Regarding prescription drug offenses, most often people think that because they were lawfully-prescribed that medication, they can do anything they want to with respect to that medication and not be held criminally liable because it is lawfully prescribed.
People should know that being under the influence of prescription medication is very similar to being under the influence of alcohol. If a person drinks responsibly or uses their medication responsibility, they are not committing any crimes.
But if a person is under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of prescription medication and behind the wheel of a car, they could be in the same criminal trouble as if they were not properly prescribed the prescription.

How an Experienced Attorney Can Help

Maryland prescription drug lawyers have experience not only in the prescription drug cases, but all kinds of drug cases, which really comes down to not necessarily the prescription drug itself but rather how the drug was found and how one was criminally charged with the offense associated with it.
Drug lawyers in Maryland who have experience handling these kinds of criminal offenses, as well as defense of related constitutional issues, are going to be extremely knowledgeable and important in making sure that the defendant presents the best defense possible to keep a person clear of the incident or, if not clear, ensure the most appropriate sanctions for it.