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Assault with a Deadly Weapon in Ocean City

Being accused of assault could be an intimidating charge, especially with the additional accusation of using a weapon. Assault with a deadly weapon in Ocean City is a serious offense could lead to a potential felony conviction. A felony conviction could lead to harsh lifelong consequences. By contacting a well-versed criminal defense attorney, you could jumpstart the process of building your defense and defending your reputation. Contact an Ocean City defense attorney today for a free case evaluation.

Defining Assault with a Deadly Weapon

In Maryland, there is a section of the state code that references assault with a deadly weapon. This term also encompasses the first-degree assault category and could include multiple items as deadly weapons. In order to prove that the defendant committed the first-degree assault, the state may have to prove that the defendant either did cause serious physical injury or attempted to cause serious physical injury.

Assault with a deadly weapon in Ocean City may be complicated because of the way first-degree assault is codified, and the use of one could make an assault be classified as first-degree. It may also be important to note that even if a weapon is not necessarily used if it is present the charge of first-degree may be brought on to the defendant.

Examples of Weapons That Could Be Considered for a First-Degree Assault Charge

Any type of firearm could fit into the category of a first-degree assault, which can be a felony charge. As to what meets the definition of a weapon in Maryland, the options could be limitless. A weapon is defined as any type of item that is brandished and seems to be used or attempted to harm could be defined as a weapon.

It may depend on whatever the defendant is using or brandishing, and how they are doing it. By this definition, anything like a tire iron, bottle, or pool cue could be considered a deadly weapon. The use of any of these certainly could change the level of the offense from a misdemeanor up to a felony. Some more commonly seen weapons in assault with a deadly weapon in Ocean City could be:

  • Knives
  • Firearms of any type
  • Pipes
  • Tools, such as hammers or saws
  • Switchblades or boxcutters

All of these could be used in an alleged assault offense, and be considered as a first-degree. Even though these are specific examples of weapons, anything may be considered a weapon in the court, if it was shown to allegedly harm someone.

Contacting an Ocean City Assault Attorney

Dealing with a charge as serious as an assault with a deadly weapon in Ocean City could be stressful to handle alone. A skilled criminal defense attorney could explain the implication of the charges and the differences between assault offenses, such as first-degree, second-degree, or simple assault. By contacting an experienced assault lawyer, you could help to begin building a strong case, and feel confident about going into a potential trial.