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Ocean City Assault on an Officer Lawyer

With the advent of new laws detailing assaulting an officer, an offense of this nature may be considered seriously by Maryland courts. Due to the relationship between law enforcement and the court, the prosecution on a case like this could be harsh. This could be a stressful and confusing experience, especially if you are enduring it alone.

An Ocean City assault on an officer lawyer could help to defend your case and help to explain the potential consequences to you. Contact a seasoned attorney as soon as possible that could help to mitigate any potential charges.

Defining Assualt on an Officer

Recently, Maryland established a specific subsection regarding law enforcement officers. Formerly if there was an assault and it included a police officer, it may have been charged as a regular assault case. Within the past few years, legislation has made modifications, making assaulting a law enforcement officer a separate offense.

It is now defined as a felony and it could carry the same maximum penalty of ten years as a second-degree assault. To be charged with assaulting an officer, the state must prove that the person had the intention to harm and cause physical injury to a law enforcement personnel.

The state must also prove that the defendant had knowledge that the person was an officer during the alleged offense. If the defendant did not have knowledge of this, an Ocean City assault on an officer lawyer may use this in building the defense.

Examples of Officer Assault

Assault on an officer may not be limited to that of just police officers, as many groups could be considered as law enforcement. Due to Maryland law, several types of personnel could be considered under this legislation, such as:

  • Parole and probation agents
  • Firefighters
  • EMTs
  • Judges

Any of these parties may be considered in a case, particularly if their position was known. The legislation focuses on the idea that a defendant may know about whether a person is law enforcement and allegedly ambushed or attacked the plaintiff. This could be common in situations where there may be large groups of people, such as the Ocean City boardwalk. In these situations, it may be more common for a potential officer assault case to develop, and an Ocean City assault on an officer lawyer may know how to navigate it for a trial.

Intent to Harm

Due to the indication of the intention that this charge could carry, the penalties for such an offense could be severe. Maryland legislature could take these offenses seriously as the groups of people that are considered law enforcement may be revered and thought of as public servants to the community.

Contacting an Ocean City Assault on an Officer Attorney

Accusations of assaulting an officer could be serious and may lead to lifelong, stressful consequences such as jail time, fines, and other negative results. An Ocean City assault on an officer lawyer could be there for you to defend your reputation and your case. Contact a talented attorney today that could begin working on building your defense today for a free consultation.