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Ocean City Aggravated Assault Lawyer

An aggravated assault charge in Ocean City is a serious offense that could lead to severe consequences. The aggravated assault could be defined as the intent to cause serious bodily injury or harm to another individual.

Due to the seriousness of the offense, it may lead to a felony charge. If you have been accused with such an offense, an Ocean City aggravated assault lawyer could be a way to combat charges. Contact an assault attorney who could fight tirelessly in your defense and defend your reputation today.

Role of Intent in Aggravated Assault Cases

The intent of the defendant may be found to be different in a simple assault versus an aggravated assault. In a simple assault, the only intent that has to be shown is that the alleged incident was not accidental. For an aggravated assault, which may be considered a first-degree offense, the state may have to show that it was the defendant’s intent to either cause or to attempt to cause serious physical injury. This may be an important distinction as the language of the law makes it clear that even if it is an unsuccessful attempt, it still could be a first-degree assault.

Potential Penalties

The penalties may be more severe than they are for a simple assault because the maximum penalty for aggravated assault is 25 years and/or a fine. Also under the law, this type of assault could be considered to be an offense of violence in the Maryland statutes. If a defendant is convicted and incarcerated for an offense of this nature, they may not be eligible for parole until at least 50% of their sentence has been served.

Long-Term Consequences of an Aggravated Assault Charges

A consequence of an aggravated assault conviction in Ocean City could lead to incarceration, following a trial in circuit court. When someone is being sentenced in circuit court on a felony that means the judge may refer to the Maryland sentencing guidelines and guidelines vary.

It depends on the offense and factors concerning the defendant, such as prior convictions and circumstance of the case. Due to the severity of the aggravated assault, it may be helpful to hire an Ocean City aggravated assault lawyer, who could help the defendant avoid severe penalties of first-degree charges.

Possibility of Probation

Following a conviction of aggravated, there may be a high possibility that a defendant could be put on probation for a long time. Probation could encompass the following:

  • Meeting with a probation agent
  • Work interference
  • Supervision fees

The process of probation could be financially tolling and frustrating for a defendant. With the help of an Ocean City aggravated assault lawyer, the defendant could avoid gaining a larger financial burden.

Contacting an Ocean City Aggravated Assault Attorney

An accusation of aggravated assault could be a stressful experience, especially if you are dealing with it alone. An Ocean City aggravated assault lawyer may know a suitable way to address the charges and defend your case. Contact an attorney that could start working on building your case.