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Ocean City Simple Assault Lawyer

Simple assault in Maryland is defined as causing or attempting to cause serious physical harm to another individual. A simple assault can be committed very easily. If a defendant has physically touched an alleged victim, they can be accused of simple assault. Similarly, if a defendant threatens to touch an alleged victim but doesn’t actually touch them; they could be accused of simple assault.

If you have been accused of such an offense, contact an experienced assault attorney immediately. An Ocean City simple assault lawyer could help you navigate the complexities of your case.

Breaking Down Simple Assault

Simple assault can be committed in two ways, on of which involves physical contact, and another which does not involve physical contact. Simple assault involving physical contact can be committed if an individual intentionally touches another without their permission. It does not require that victim suffer an injury. It could be as simple as pushing another person or grabbing them.

No Physical Contact

Ocean City simple assault lawyers are aware of simple assault cases that do not involve physical contact. In these cases, simple assault is defined as when a defendant places another person in fear. If the defendant acts in such a way that they place the victim in fear that they are immediately going to be pushed, punched, or kicked, or assaulted in any other way, they could be accused of simple assault.

However, if a victim and a defendant are standing in the same room, and the defendant balls up their fist and rears their arm back as if to punch a victim, they could be accused of assault, as opposed to simple assault.

Proving Simple Assault

Ocean City simple assault lawyers know that the state has the burden of proving three elements in order to convict someone of simple assault. These are the following:

  • Intent
  • Harm: either physical or a verbal threat
  • Reasonable fear

The other party must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime with which they are charged. As can be seen, the elements for a simple assault are not complex. It is very easy to commit such an offense.

Are Simple Assaults Misdemeanors?

Ocean City simple assaults are classified as misdemeanors as opposed to felonies. Whether a crime is classified as misdemeanor or a felony depends on a couple different factors. The important factors would be the severity of the injury that is sustained by the victim, and whether or not a weapon was used in committing the assault.

Speaking to an Ocean City Simple Assault Attorney

If you have been accused of simple assault, speak to an attorney. An Ocean City simple assault lawyer could examine the evidence, speak to witnesses, analyze the accusations that have been brought against you, and determine if there are any weaknesses in the accusations.

While simple assault is viewed as less severe than assault, it is still a serious crime in Maryland and will be painted by the prosecution as such. It is important that you have an experienced attorney on your side who could defend your freedom.