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Defending Ocean City Assault Charges

Assault charges carry severe penalties such as jail time, fines, and other possible long-term consequences. If you have been arrested for assault in Ocean City, it may be in your best interest to seek the services of a well-established assault lawyer. An attorney who is experienced in defending Ocean City assault charges could fight for you. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started on your defense.

Defense Strategies Used in Assault Cases

Under Maryland law, there are some specific defenses that can be applied to assault charges. The state recognizes laws of self-defense and the law of defending others. When defending Ocean City assault charges, a lawyer would want to analyze those defenses to see if either applies. In many assault cases, the evidence the prosecution has will come from eyewitness testimony. A skilled attorney will review their statements to determine whether any of them might be impeachable. Several studies have shown that in stressful situations, many people do not actually see what they think they see, therefore, it is quite possible a lawyer can impeach an eyewitness and have them question whether they really saw what they claim they saw. An eyewitness also may have a bias against the defendant and want to get them in trouble. It is important to cross-examine the eyewitness as to whether they had been drinking or consumed anything that may have affected their ability to recollect accurately.

In addition, a lawyer may prepare a defense based on what the defendant told a doctor or paramedic when they were being treated, as it may have been something in conflict with what they told the police officer. All of this is subject to cross-examination, which is why it is important that an attorney reviews these records to see if they can find something that could benefit the defendant.

Mitigation Factors in an Assault Charge

When defending Ocean City assault charges, the attorney will look for any mitigating factors. There often are mitigating factors that can be used for the benefit of a defendant if they are brought to the judge’s attention to review before sentencing. It is important for the judge to know that a person was not acting as they normally do when the assault was committed. The defendant may have assaulted someone because they consumed too much alcohol or there was some other factor that made them behave as they did. It is also helpful if a judge knows that the defendant has begun to address the problem and has sought treatment. A defense attorney will work hard to present the defendant in the best light, truthfully, to humanize them to help mitigate the charges.

Importance of an Attorney When Defending Assault Charges in Ocean City

An assault charge is a serious offense, which is why it is important for a defendant to retain the services of an experienced defense attorney who has tried many similar cases. When defending Ocean City assault charges, it is important to obtain a lawyer who is also familiar with the prosecutors and judges and knows what to expect. If you have been arrested for assault, reach out to a seasoned defense lawyer today.