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Rockville Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Speeding tickets should be taken seriously in Rockville when issued. A speeding ticket is typically going to be a payable citation, handled at the Montgomery County District Court. The penalties for speeding are generally determined by how many miles per hour over the posted speed limit the individual was traveling at the time the citation was issued. The fines associated with a speeding ticket range from $80 to $580, while the points associated with a speeding ticket range from one to five.

If you are facing a speeding ticket, you should contact a Rockville speeding ticket lawyer to begin building a defense. An experienced defense attorney can help you challenge your ticket and ensure your driving record remains as clean as possible.

Appearing in Court

If a person appears in court and pleads not guilty to their traffic citation, the officer is required to testify. If the officer does not appear, or does appear but does not bring their report and does not remember what happened the speeding ticket will be dismissed.
A person is also able to plead nolo contendere in a Rockville speeding ticket case. This term refers to a plea of no contest. Generally speaking, an individual who enters such a plea is neither admitting to nor disputing the charge.

Negotiating Penalties

In Rockville speeding ticket cases, an individual may negotiate with a judge about the penalties associated with their citation. They may request that the judge consider waiving the points associated with the citation and/or reduce any fines. A speeding ticket attorney in Rockville can help negotiate with the judge regarding these issues on the individual’s behalf.

Potential Defenses

A person may be able to show the judge that their speedometer was not properly calibrated at the time of the citation using an auto mechanic. The mechanic will measure the accuracy of the individual’s vehicle speedometer and issue them a speedometer calibration certificate that will state by how many miles per hour their speedometer is off.
A Rockville speeding ticket lawyer can use such a certificate to prove that the individual’s speedometer was off at the time of the incident, which may serve as a sufficient defense to the citation.

Contacting an Attorney

It is important for such an individual to seek an aggressive Rockville speeding ticket lawyer because such a lawyer has considerable knowledge regarding the local laws, court, and officers. A lawyer will be experienced in defending against each method an officer may use to calculate a driver’s speed. Using these defenses, such an attorney may work to ensure that any consequences associated with the speeding ticket are minimized, or possibly even dismissed.

Rockville Speeding Ticket Lawyer