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Rockville County Speeding Detection

Rockville has strict speeding laws. Someone can be pulled over for going five miles over the limit. They have violated the speed limit laws and can receive a speeding ticket. There are several ways, law enforcement can detect if someone is speeding. Officers need to prove the person was speeding with Rockville County speeding detection devices and techniques.

An officer will pull you over if they suspect that you have violated the speeding laws. If you want to challenge the speeding ticket, it would be beneficial to hire a speeding ticket lawyer right away. There are several methods to detect speeding and will be used in court to prove the person was speeding. An experienced attorney can help you fight the evidence and build a strong defense tactic against the speeding violation.

Speeding Detection Methods

There are three common methods that officers use to record an individual’s speed is pacing, radar devices, and LIDAR devices.
Officers will show that they are trained and certified in the method that they use to record the speed of an individual’s vehicle. Additionally, the officers will show that the equipment they use to record that speed was calibrated and fully functioning at the time that an individual was cited.
Essentially, it is a person’s word against the officers unless that person is able to defend against the method used by the officer. Generally, when an officer uses equipment such as a radar device, it is difficult to defend against in court.

Use of Traffic Radar Tools

Radar devices are used to detect speeding in Rockville. These devices use radio waves to reflect off of moving objects in order to determine the object’s speed. These devices generate waves with a transmitter and once the waves bounce off a person’s vehicle, the waves are picked up and amplified by a receiver in the device. Once the waves are analyzed, an officer is able to read the analysis.
Radar device readings carry a lot of weight as evidence in court. However, there are defenses. A person could argue that the officer lacks the necessary training to operate the radar device. In court, a person should determine whether the officer was given comprehensive instruction by an experienced instructor as to how to use the device.

Calibration Issues

Additionally, a person can argue that there are calibration issues with the device.The radar device must be periodically checked for accuracy against an object traveling at a known speed. However, when the device is calibrated correctly, the device is accurate and difficult to defend against.
Additionally, other issues involving the device include interference by other objects.An officer may have received a reading of a vehicle speed that was not the individual that was cited. For instance, the officer may be observing a person’s vehicle while the radar device is calculating the speed of another vehicle. Furthermore, there may be interference caused by weather condition.On windy days, dust, leaves or rocks may be read by the radar device instead of a person’s vehicle.
LIDAR devices use a low power beam of laser light which bounces off of a person’s vehicle and returns to a receiver in the device. This device automatically calculates the speed of the person’s vehicle which can then be read by the officer.

Pacing Method

In regards to pacing in Rockville speeding cases, when this method is used, the officer must maintain a constant distance between their police vehicle and a person’s vehicle long enough to make a recently accurate estimate of the person’s speed.
Pacing is admissible as evidence of speeding in court. However, the officer must first prove that his speedometer was functioning properly in the distance that the officer followed a person’s vehicle for.
Some defenses regarding this method include the presence of hills, curves, traffic and stop signs. These things can affect an officer’s estimate of a person’s speed because it can help prove that the officer did not pace that individual for long enough or continuously.
Additionally, the further the officer is behind an individual while pacing, the less accurate the estimated speed will be. Furthermore, an officer must keep an equal distance between their police vehicle and a person’s vehicle for the entire time that the person is being paced.

Attain an Attorney

Speeding offenses happen frequently for a number of reasons. If the speed limit changes suddenly or the person is going slightly over the limit, they can be pulled over. An officer needs to determine if the person was speeding with Rockville County speeding detection methods.
If you have been charged with speeding, you will want to contact an experienced speeding ticket attorney who understands the local policies. There are benefits to having a lawyer who knows the prosecutors and judges and can use their experience and knowledge to create a strong defense case.

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