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What to Expect At a Rockville Speeding Ticket Hearing

An individual is not required to appear in court for a speeding ticket. A speeding ticket is a payable citation, meaning that an individual who is issued a speeding ticket may pay the associated fine without appearing in court. This is true even of a reckless driving citation. An individual may pay such a citation online, in-person at one of the Maryland district courts, by phone, or by mail.

However, if an individual wishes to contest such a citation, they may request a trial and plead not guilty or request a waiver hearing and plead guilty with an explanation. If an individual requests a hearing or trial, their case will be heard at the Montgomery County District Court. An individual must pay the fine associated with a citation or request a trial or hearing to contest that citation within 30 days of its issuance.

For the best understanding of what to expect when facing a speeding ticket hearing in Rockville courts, an individual should contact an experienced speeding ticket attorney to assist with their preparation.

Hearing Process

On the scheduled date of an individual’s trial or hearing in Rockville for their speeding ticket case, a person would report to the courtroom listed on the notice that was provided to them by mail. An individual’s hearing will not be private, there will be usually about 25 to 30 other individuals who have also contested their tickets who will be in the same courtroom as that individual.
Typically, the individuals involved in a speeding ticket hearing or trial in Rockville would include the person who received the citation, the judge, the officer who issued the citation, and any relevant witnesses. Anyone who plans to testify during the proceeding will be asked to take an oath.
At the beginning of the proceeding, the judge will read the citations with which the individual has been charged and ask them how they plan to respond to those charges. An individual has the option to plead guilty, guilty with an explanation, or not guilty.

Potential Pleas

If an individual chooses to plead guilty to the citation, the judge will find them guilty and they will be required to pay the fine associated with the citation and court costs of approximately $25. Any points associated with the ticket will then be assessed to their driving record.
If an individual chooses to plead guilty with an explanation, the officer is not required to testify and that individual is given the opportunity to tell the judge their explanation.

Pleading Not Guilty

If an individual chooses to plead not guilty, both that individual and the officer will be required to testify. The officer is required to prove the individual’s violation. To do so, the officer will give their testimony and, afterward, the individual will be permitted to ask the officer any questions related to their testimony and the alleged violation. An individual may do so with or without an attorney present.

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