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Rockville Speeding Offenses

There are several different types of speeding offenses in Rockville County. An individual is not required to show up to court for a speeding ticket. Speed citations are payable citations and that person is able to pay the listed fine amount on the citation without appearing at a hearing. It is important to attain an attorney if you are facing Rockville speeding offenses and want to challenge the offenses.

If you are facing charges, it is essential that you speak with a speeding ticket lawyer who understands the local policies, can challenge the evidence, and mitigate potential penalties on your behalf.

Types of Speeding Offenses

In Rockville, a person can be cited for driving in excess of a reasonable and prudent speed, failure to control vehicle speed to avoid a collision, failure to reduce speed on a curve, failure to reduce speed in dangerous conditions, and exceeding the speed limit by one to nine miles per hour, 10 to 19 miles per hour, 20 to 29 miles per hour, 30 to 39 miles per hour and 40 miles per hour or over. The penalties a person will face will depend upon how fast over the posted speed limit that person was traveling.

Prepay Tickets

The individual can prepay a speeding ticket in Rockville. However, by paying the speeding ticket, the points associated with the citation will automatically be assessed to their driver’s record. The only way to challenge receiving points on a person’s record is to request a trial or a waiver hearing. That person must pay the speeding ticket within 30 days of the ticket being issued.

Issuing a Speeding Ticket

The common way that speeding tickets have been issued in Rockville is through the use of speed cameras. An officer is not involved and a citation is mailed to an individual’s address. If a person is exceeding the speed limit by 10 miles per hour or more, the speed camera will capture a picture of their vehicle. The citations that are generated by speed cameras carry a $40.00-fine and no points to a person’s driver’s record. An individual may contest a speed camera citation by requesting a hearing.
A speeding citation will list the alleged speed that the officer believes that individual was traveling, as well as what the posted speed limit was and the location that the individual was cited. A person should look to make sure that their contact information is correct as well as the information regarding their vehicle is correct such as their vehicle’s license plate number, make and color.

Out of State Drivers

An out-of-state driver should hire a Rockville speeding ticket lawyer because that individual will be able to request a hearing to contest the citation and appear on the driver’s behalf at the scheduled hearing. As such, the out-of-state driver will not have to travel back to Rockville in order to contest the citation.

Contacting a Lawyer

A Rockville speeding ticket lawyer will understand the local speed laws in Rockville and will use their experience to help a person achieve the best possible outcome. Rockville traffic cases are challenging because lawyers cannot guarantee the results beforehand as it depends on several factors including the specific judge and whether or not the officers and/or witnesses associated with the person’s case will appear at the scheduled hearing.
If you are facing a speeding ticket, and you would like to challenge it, it is essential that you speak with an experienced attorney right away.

Rockville Speeding Ticket Lawyer