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Silver Spring DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal in virtually every state in the country, and if you have a blood alcohol content measurement that exceeds Maryland state limitations, you can be charged with a DUI. DUI carries serious legal penalties, especially for individuals who have been previously convicted. If you are facing DUI charges, a Silver Spring DUI lawyer may be able to help. A trusted attorney who has years of experience behind them can point you towards the right direction.

Proving DUI

When a driver is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol, they will be stopped by a law enforcement official. During this time, the official will conduct a field sobriety test, which requires the driver to perform a few basic tasks, such as reciting the alphabet backward or walking in a straight line.


In addition to a field sobriety test, officers may attempt to perform a breathalyzer test, which will chemically measure the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream of the driver. Individuals who refuse to take a breathalyzer may have their license suspended or face jail time. Anyone who refuses a test will certainly need the help of a Silver Spring DUI attorney.

Penalties for DUI

Individuals who are convicted of a DUI will face numerous challenges. The state aggressively prosecutes those who are charged with DUI, and the lives of defendants are often turned upside-down. Penalties such as imprisonment, probation, and astronomical legal fines are often handed out, and those with prior DUIs will face harsher penalties.


In addition to legal penalties, individuals who are convicted of DUI will often face remarkably high car insurance prices in the future. These prices can be so high that drivers can be forced to give up driving altogether, and even if they can afford insurance, many courts suspend the licenses of drunk drivers for up to a year. If a person wants to avoid the previously mentioned penalties, they should call a DUI lawyer.

Additional Factors Impacting Sentencing

DUI penalties are serious, but there are numerous factors that can impact the sentence of a convicted individual. Convicted individuals who belong to the following categories will face stiffer penalties:

  • Those with a minor in the car
  • Those operating a commercial vehicle
  • Those involved in an accident, especially if the accident kills another person
  • Those under the legal drinking age (21)
  • Those who commit traffic violations
  • Those who destroy property

If a person belongs to any of the categories above, they will need to contact a DUI attorney immediately. A basic DUI charge can quickly transform into a serious felony. When a person kills another person while driving under the influence, they may face additional manslaughter charges which can result in a decades-long prison sentence, even if it is the first offense.

Reach Out to a Silver Spring DUI Attorney Today

If you have been charged with DUI, you will need to take legal action quickly. DUI charges are serious, and if you are convicted, you can lose your car, reputation, and freedom. Individuals with facing additional charges will certainly need legal help. Reach out to a Silver Spring DUI lawyer today to discuss your charges.