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Silver Spring Fraud Lawyer

According to a study done by Credit Sesame, Maryland ranks in the top ten states with the most credit card fraud at number eight. Five years ago, Maryland was also one of the top three states with the most reported credit card fraud.

If you are facing charges for fraud-related offenses, you may need to consult with a Silver Spring fraud attorney. Failing to consult with an experienced criminal attorney could mean prison time, possible fines, and a mark on your record that could affect your future. With dedicated legal help at your side, you could stand up for your rights effectively and pursue a resolution to your case.

Typical Types of Criminal Fraud

Types of fraud may include but are not limited to issuing bad checks, credit card crimes, and identity fraud.

Bad Check Fraud

According to § 8-103 of the Maryland criminal code, it is illegal to issue a check if someone knows there are insufficient funds to clear it, or they believe the payment for the check will be or is refused when the recipient presents it to the bank.

It is also illegal to issue a check if someone intends to have the payment stopped before the check is cashed, if they pass a check to a third party with the intention that pay be refused, or if they pass a check knowing the drawer has insufficient funds or has already been stopped.

Credit Card Fraud

Maryland Criminal Code § 8-203 to 206 discusses the many instances of credit card fraud. Some of the credit card fraud crimes include credit card theft, knowingly using a relied upon false statement to obtain a credit card, making fake credit cards, and using counterfeit cards to purchase goods.

Identity Fraud

Maryland Criminal Code § 8-301 states that assuming the identity of another person is illegal in the state of Maryland. Specifically, it is unlawful to knowingly and willfully assume another’s identity with the intent to avoid paying a debt, obtain anything of value, or avoid apprehension or prosecution of a crime. It is also illegal to get the personal identity information of someone with their consent to defraud them.

A qualified Silver Spring fraud attorney can explain the different types of fraud and the elements of each, and explain to someone alleged to have committed fraud of their right and future legal steps.

Criminal Fraud Penalties

If found guilty for bad check fraud, the penalties depend on the value of the services or property that was obtained by issuing a bad check based on the Maryland criminal code § 8-106. Someone would be guilty of bad check fraud when they issue or pass a check in violation of § 8-103, and the value of the property or services that were received determines the possible jail time, fines or both. The larger the value of the property or services, the potential time and fines someone could be facing increases as well.

Credit Card Fraud

Making a false statement to obtain a credit card, credit card debt, and using a counterfeit card to purchase goods valued less than $500 are misdemeanors punishable by up to 18 months in jail and up to $500 in fines. Counterfeit credit cards are a felony punishable by 15 years in prison and up to $1000 in fines. Similar to bad checks, the punishment for using a counterfeit credit card to purchase goods increases as the value of the goods increases.

Identity Fraud

The penalty for identity fraud depends on the value of the goods and services someone obtained under the false identity. As the value of the products purchased under the fake identity increases, the amount of jail time and fines that someone may get will increase as well. A Silver Spring attorney could help individuals accused of fraud understand what penalties they may face.

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