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Silver Spring Student Defense Lawyer

College is supposed to be a time of fun and self-discovery, and but unfortunately, students can encounter legal problems while they are attempting to obtain an education. College students often find themselves in the midst of a variety of charges, many of which carry the possibility of jail time, astronomical fines, expulsion, or probation.

If you are a college student or the parent of a college student, you may need the legal help of a skilled Silver Spring student defense lawyer. A seasoned criminal defense attorney could provide you and your child with the legal guidance and advice you both need to obtain a positive outcome in court. It may even be possible to get charges reduced or completely dismissed.

When Should a Student Contact an Attorney?

Silver Spring students may need the help of a defense attorney for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

Many of the previously mentioned charges are felonies, which can result in a permanent criminal record for a student. A criminal record will follow a student throughout their entire life and possibly prevent them from finding employment, housing, and passing a background check. Some charges are misdemeanors, but they can remain on the record on a student and cause future difficulties.

Fake ID Cases

As stated above, there are numerous reasons a student may need the help of a Silver Spring student defense attorney; however, the vast majority of cases involving college students are centered around fake IDs. There are many ways a student could be charged with possessing a fake ID, even if they are not aware. For example, if a student is charged with possessing a fake driver’s license, they will be charged with a traffic offense, which classifies as a criminal charge.

Common penalties for possessing a fake ID include heavy legal fines, probation, and sometimes, community service. If the charge involves a traffic violation, the person in possession of the fake ID may have their license suspended or revoked, especially if they have prior convictions. There is also the slight possibility of jail time, but such punishments are typically reserved for those charged with producing fake IDs, not those possessing them.

Academic and Conduct Code Violations

If a student is suspected of cheating or breaking the academic or conduct code of a university, they can be permanently expelled. Expulsion is often used as a punishment in the most extreme of cases, and it can greatly hamper the future success of a student.

Often, when a student is expelled, they will be unable to gain admission to other universities or academic programs. Fortunately, with the help of a Silver Spring attorney, students may be able to defend themselves against such accusations and continue their education.

Speak with a Silver Spring Student Defense Attorney Today

If you are a college student facing the prospect of jail time, expulsion, or any other penalty, you may be scared and unsure of how to proceed. Such feelings are normal, but you must remember to retain the help of an attorney with a history of trying cases involving students.

With the right attorney, you may be able to clear your name and carry on with your life, without the burden of having a criminal record. Learn more about your legal options by contacting a Silver Spring student defense lawyer now.