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Silver Spring Expungement Lawyer

Do you have a criminal record in Maryland that is preventing you from obtaining employment? Has it been at least ten or more years since you were convicted of a non-violent crime? Was your case placed on the “stet docket”? If the answer is yes to these questions, you could be eligible for record expungement.

If you are trying to clear your criminal record, you may need to consult with a Silver Spring expungement lawyer. Failing to consult with a skilled expungement lawyer could result in your expungement taking a long time, or possibly having your expungement petition denied. With a dedicated attorney by your side, though, you could get your record expunged quickly and efficiently.

Laws Governing Expungement

The purpose of expungement is to clear the legal record of someone who has committed a non-violent crime. For most people with a criminal history, legal record expungement could help create a cleaner background check for future employment.

If someone had a concern with their criminal background when it comes to future jobs, consult an attorney who focuses on expungement to learn more.  Some records can be expunged, or partially expunged, but not all.

According to the Maryland Code of Criminal Procedure §10-110, some felonies are eligible for expungement such as theft, burglary, home invasion and possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. However, someone would need to wait 15 years after completion of their sentence before filing for expungement.

This code section also lists more than 100 misdemeanor offenses that qualify for expungement, and someone must wait ten years after completion of their sentence before filing for expungement unless convicted of second-degree assault or domestic violence. If convicted of those crimes, one would need to wait 15 years after completion of their sentence to file for expungement.

A qualified Silver Spring expungement lawyer could explain the statute more in-depth to determine whether convictions or charges could be expunged from an individual’s record and help them on a new path.

Requirements for Expungement

Maryland state code § 10-101 discusses the different situations in which someone’s record may be expunged; however, some requirements must be met to qualify for expungement. Someone could be eligible for expungement for the following situations:

  • If someone’s court or police record existed before July 1, 1975 (Maryland Code §10-102)
  • If someone has been arrested, detained, or confined by law enforcement but was not charged with a crime (Maryland Code §10-103)
  • Someone has been convicted of a crime that falls under the “Nuisance Crimes” or “Transportation” section (Maryland Code §10-105)
  • If the criminal charge was transferred to juvenile court (Maryland Code §10-106)
  • If the offense is no longer considered unlawful or you were pardoned of your crime (Maryland Code §10-105)

How A Silver Spring Expungement Lawyer Can Help

If you are trying to get your criminal record expunged, you may want to get professional assistance when handling such an important matter.

Record expungement could mean better work opportunities, and a Silver Spring expungement lawyer who is knowledgeable in all aspects of expungement laws in Maryland could review your charges or convictions and help you proceed with expungement.

Depending on the circumstances, local legal counsel may be able to help get your record expunged, so call today for a consultation and see what could be possible.