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A Grateful Marine

I was facing a very serious charge of Sexual Assault. I was innocent of the charges from the beginning and facing very serious time for this. I had just gotten out of the Marines, and going through college and I knew this could ruin my future. I called a few offices, and Dave significantly stood out. I left him a voicemail, and his team got back to me almost immediately. I was a completely wreck when I spoke to him, but after my initial consultation Dave made me feel at ease and I knew something could be done. I wanted to fight this all the way, since the charges were completely false. He kept me in contact at all times with email or phone. He was very transparent with everything that was going on, and he was always just a phone call away. I had a few options on how to proceed, and I made the decision to take it to trial in front of a judge. Dave did an excellent job with the case and proved that there was no case at all. My charges were completely dropped – no probation, not “dismissed”, the verdict was- NOT GUILTY. He was absolutely worth the investment, and thanks to him I was able to graduate college and get a great job instead of spending time in jail for false allegations.