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Baltimore Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

A conspiracy is any agreement between two or more individuals to engage in a particular illegal activity. Drug conspiring is considered an “inchoate crime,” meaning the crime has not yet been completed, as opposed to drug distribution in which the act has already occurred. Conspiracy deals with the intent to commit the drug distribution or possession. If you have been accused of drug conspiracy, you may benefit from contacting a knowledgable criminal defense lawyer. A Baltimore drug conspiracy lawyer could investigate your case and help build you a strong defense.

Understanding Drug Conspiracy Charges

Drug conspiracy is a serious charge in Maryland. This is because it carries the same potential penalty as the underlying crime itself. Someone can be charged with both conspiracy and the separate underlying offense even if the actual offense was never committed. For example, if a person was conspiring regarding possession with the intent to distribute, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years, the conspiracy to commit the possession could also be 20 years. A lawyer experienced in drug conspiracies could explain to a Baltimore defendant the potential penalties of his or her charge.

The prosecutor in a drug conspiracy case must prove that an agreement was reached between the alleged conspirators and that there was actual intent to carry out the illegal activity. It cannot consist of merely a conversation about the possibility of carrying the act out. He or she must have specific intent to carry it out which is the purpose of the agreement.

Conspiracy Investigations in Baltimore

Drug conspiracy investigations often seek to establish the underlying agreement, which requires gathering communication between the parties. Oftentimes,  law enforcement will obtain warrants for a wiretap or will do interviews or surveillance stings in order to prove that an agreement has been carried out. They could also obtain warrants for cell phones and computers to search for evidence of a conspiracy through text messages, voicemails, or emails.

A drug conspiracy could be established through statements made by an individual, or circumstances regarding where drugs were found and therefore seized. Evidence may include the nature of how the drug is packaged, the amount or quantity of the drugs, and any other suggestive items, like loose cash, packaging materials, or messages between alleged conspirators.

Reach out to a Baltimore Drug Conspiracy Attorney Today

A Baltimore drug conspiracy lawyer is different from other criminal lawyers because the job requires specialized knowledge about the complex defenses. An experienced attorney could look into whether the search of an individual, household, or vehicle was done legally, whether the drugs were seized legally, and whether any warrants issued for the wiretap or GPS monitoring were obtained constitutionally.

It is important to provide an attorney with all the information necessary for the attorney to be able to successfully defend the person in a trial. The lawyer will need all the information about the case, all relevant documentation that the person has been provided thus far, and a complete criminal history so that he or she will be able to analyze and process all this information in order to be the best advocate for the defendant at trial. Call today, and schedule your first consultation.