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Baltimore Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Maryland law enforcement is extremely proactive in trying to crack down on drug trafficking with fight squads or strike teams as part of the process. Each county has its own drug trafficking strike team and they all run them differently.

Drug trafficking charges could have life-long penalties well beyond jail time and fines. A drug conviction could go on your permanent record, barring you from being accepted for certain housing or employment. If you have been charged with drug trafficking, you might benefit from speaking to a Baltimore drug trafficking lawyer. A qualified drug attorney could work with you to build the best defense to protect your future.

Drug Trafficking Charges

In Maryland, the charges commonly associated with trafficking drugs are possession with intent to distribute large quantities of drugs and the manufacturing of drugs. Depending on how high the quantities of these drugs are, an individual could be considered a volume dealer or even a drug kingpin, which have higher penalties. A Baltimore lawyer could investigate the facts of a case to determine the potential drug trafficking charges a defendant may be facing.

Being found responsible for endangering people by transporting dangerous controlled substances could play into this. Drug trafficking charges are very serious, but it is during the process of trafficking drugs when people become endangered. If there is violence associated with a particular enterprise, it could raise the penalties and make the case much more severe.

Jurisdictional Borders

The role of jurisdictional borders in a drug trafficking charge depends on the quantity of drugs. If someone is trafficking a large number of drugs in and out of the state, the charges are not going to stay in the Maryland court system. The federal government would likely take over the case and likely have an investigation already going on.

If the federal government steps in and takes over the case, the charges could be removed from the state court system and placed in the federal division where the penalties are much more severe. The federal prosecutors, U.S. assistant attorneys, would be prosecuting the case.

Multiple Defendants

Drug trafficking cases often involve multiple defendants as it is rare for one individual to run an entire drug trafficking operation. There are many complexities involved with running a drug-trafficking enterprise, such as manufacturing, selling, and distributing, and involves many different moving parts. That is why law enforcement often pursues multiple people at once with drug-trafficking cases.

Whenever there are multiple defendants involved in a case, each one is going to have his or her own defense attorney. The state may try to offer plea deals to each individual on varying levels to try and obtain information about the others. This makes these types of cases complex. That is why it is very important to have an experienced drug trafficking attorney in Baltimore who knows the ins and outs of these types of cases.

Reach Out to a Baltimore Drug Trafficking Attorney

Even if an individual does not possess the drugs on them, they could still be included as part of the larger conspiracy and may face drug trafficking charges. Additionally, depending upon how large the quantity is of drugs and how large the operation is, these cases oftentimes may be sent to the federal level. It is very important once an individual gets involved with these types of charges to immediately contact an attorney to represent them from the early stages. If you are facing a drug trafficking charge, call a Baltimore drug trafficking lawyer today.