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Baltimore Prescription Drug Lawyer

Prescription drug offenses in Baltimore are severe and they are looked at differently than other drug charges such as marijuana or cocaine possession. These types of charges are often associated with individuals who, unfortunately, abuse prescriptions. They may have had a legal prescription and were taking it for legitimate reasons, but became dependent on that type of prescription. When that happens, that dependency takes over their life, which spirals out of control and, therefore, they have to resort to obtaining illegal prescriptions. These people just need some form of assistance, whether it be medical or psychological, as opposed to criminal punishment, so long as they deserve it.

That being said, people who are facing prescription drug charges are typically looking at severe penalties. A Baltimore prescription drug lawyer could fight for you and help you build a strong defense. Reach out to an accomplished drug attorney today.

How Does Law Enforcement and the Courts Treat Prescription Drug Offenses?

Prescription drug charges are a priority for Baltimore law enforcement because of the high potential for abuse. It is not as hard to obtain some form of narcotic prescription, and people become dependent on them. When their prescription runs out, and their body is still dependent on it, they seek out illegal prescriptions, which is a lucrative business in Baltimore.

Law enforcement is ethically cracking down or attempting to crack down on these types of cases, which could lead to high levels of drug abuse, which can then lead to overdose and even death. It is a serious problem in Baltimore, and law enforcement is using all their resources to address these issues.

The Baltimore courts look at prescription drug cases with a microscope. If there is a certain offense where someone is selling the prescription drugs, the courts look at that case differently than someone who is merely using it for recreational use or dependency.

Proving Prescription Drug Charges

In these types of cases, the substance that is at issue has to be chemically tested and certainly analyzed. Law enforcement has to establish, through the evidence:

  • Where the drugs were found
  • How much of the drugs were found
  • How it was found
  • What the particular substance or drug is
  • If there was anything else that was found on on the defendant

Defendants should obtain an experienced prescription drug lawyer in Baltimore who could fight against the prosecutor’s case. An attorney could also look at the defendant’s legal options to see if there is a way to get the charges mitigated or dropped.

Building a Prescription Drug Defense

When dealing with prescription drug cases, only a well-versed lawyer, through years of experience, will know:

  • The strategies necessary to take on these cases
  • The ins and outs of the courthouse
  • The prosecutor and judges involved
  • What type of evidentiary issues are at play
  • When and how to take advantage of evidentiary issues
  • Which defenses are available
  • How to appropriately challenge the drug examination and evaluation.

A Baltimore prescription drug attorney will be able to:

  • Make sure that the person’s rights are being protected
  • Determine whether or not the officers did not conduct some form of overreach or illegal activity to obtain the substance during their investigation
  • Determine whether the officers performed an improper search and seizure
  • Know any alternative resolutions that are available through the court system, besides incarceration

A Baltimore Prescription Drug Attorney Could Help

Prescription drug cases can (depending upon the type of drug and the circumstances of each case) be very technical and scientific in nature. Whether or not there is an improper analysis of the drug by law enforcement personnel, the important aspect of whether or not the individual’s constitutional rights were being protected during the initial confrontation with the law enforcement officers (whether or not it was a proper stop and search of either their person or their vehicle) come into play.

These are just some of the many aspects that a Baltimore prescription drug lawyer will know and be able to research and take advantage of. Call today and get started on your case.