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Baltimore Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Drug charges are serious offenses that could have life-long penalties such as incarceration and heavy fines. If you have been accused of drug manufacturing, you may benefit from reaching out to a qualified drug attorney. A Baltimore drug manufacturing lawyer could investigate the facts of your case and determine the best course of action to protect your future.

Defining Drug Manufacturing

Under federal law, drug manufacturing is defined as the actual production and preparation of drugs for sale or distribution to the public. Drug manufacturing charges in Maryland are considered one of the most serious drug-related criminal offenses.

The growing or packaging of drugs plays a role in a drug manufacturing charge. Anyone involved in any particular stage of the manufacturing process could be charged, whether it is someone harvesting leaves from a plant, processing drugs in a lab, or even packaging them into bricks or bags to distribute and deliver to any location. All of these actions could fall under a manufacturing of drugs charge in Baltimore and would need the help of an attorney to build a proper defense.

Laws Specific to Drug Manufacturers

Drug manufacturing offenses fall under specific laws that separate the charge from other drug crimes. In the Maryland Code, Section 5-603 indicates that an individual may not manufacture a controlled substance or possess “sufficient” quantities of any controlled substance to suggest an intent to manufacture these narcotics. Additionally, no person may possess instruments, equipment, or combinations of items adapted to produce controlled substances or that law enforcement would reasonably indicate the intent to manufacture controlled substances. In order to build the best defense, it is important to obtain a Baltimore attorney experienced with the specific drug manufacturing laws.

Potential Charges in Baltimore

Drug manufacturing charges extend to individuals who are only involved in one part of the process or only supply materials because they play a role in the drug manufacturing enterprise. Even if an individual has a “small” role in packaging the materials or processing them, they could still be charged with manufacturing. A drug manufacturing attorney could determine the potentially penalties of a Baltimore defendant based on their role in the crime.

A person could still be arrested for and charged with drug manufacturing in Maryland if the activity is permitted under local or state law but not federal law. For example, if an individual does not have the permits or is not authorized by the state to manufacture marijuana, for example, they could be charged, because marijuana is still illegal in Maryland.

Maryland law enforcement handles drug manufacturing charges and cases seriously. They are some of the most serious criminal offenses with regard to illegal narcotics. Therefore, these types of offenders are probably the highest level of offenders that law enforcement is looking for. They are considered by law enforcement to be source offenders, which are people that have a significant impact on the presence of illegal narcotics in a community. They are the targets that law enforcement and prosecutors are focusing on when it comes to drug-related crimes.

Contact a Baltimore Drug Manufacturing Attorney

If you have been accused of drug manufacturing, you could be facing serious, life-long consequences. In addition to jail time and fines, you could be registered as a drug offender, potentially making it difficult to find employment or housing. Call a Baltimore drug manufacturing attorney and schedule a consultation.