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Baltimore Drug Distribution Lawyer

Law enforcement personnel and state legislators are increasing the penalties and their investigations of drug distribution cases. Drug distribution charges are more serious than other drug charges, such as possession, because it affects the community at large and not just an individual. If you are facing drug distribution charges, you may benefit from contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney. A Baltimore drug distribution lawyer could work with you to build a strong defense and minimize potential penalties.

Understanding a Drug Distribution Charge in Baltimore

Drug distribution is a very serious offense in Maryland because it is not just an individual committing a crime by themselves. The distribution of an illegal substance potentially causes harm to the nearby community. That is why law enforcement, prosecutors, and legislators are cracking down and increasing severe penalties for these types of cases.

Some aggravating factors that could enhance the penalty of a case could be an individual’s criminal history and the type of drug that they were distributing. In these types of cases, it is essential to understand which classification the drug is in. For example, for a drug like cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, or methamphetamine, which are much more addictive and dangerous, the charges could be more serious. Fentanyl is especially severe since arguments could be made in the court that deaths are associated with the drug, as fentanyl and heroin overdoses have recently become serious problems throughout Maryland. A drug distribution lawyer could look over the facts of a Baltimore defendant’s case to determine the severity of potential penalties.

Types of Evidence

Evidence is often gathered by an officer who would come to court to testify about that drug sale. Usually, the prosecution’s evidence comes from sting operations with undercover officers who might purchase the drugs from a distributor. The setups are recorded through video and audio. Officers may use a prior buyer that the distributor knows and set up a sting operation through them.

Constitutional Challenges

The most highly contested element in these cases would be whether the evidence that was gathered during the investigation was collected legally. This could include arguments as to whether the necessary warrants were constitutionally sought or executed. All law enforcement officers need to have a warrant to set up wiretaps in someone’s home, place of business, or vehicle. They also must have a warrant for installing GPS tracking devices on a vehicle. If the warrant was not constitutionally sought or executed, a Baltimore attorney experienced in drug distribution cases could file several motions to get that evidence suppressed in court.

Other issues could include any statements that are made by the defendant and whether a confession was constitutionally or illegally obtained.

Seek a Baltimore Drug Distribution Attorney for Help

It is important to look for experience when selecting a defense attorney for a drug distribution case. Your attorney should know the laws and the potential constitutional issues that arise in these types of cases. A Baltimore drug distribution lawyer would be well-versed in these types of knowledge. Call today and schedule your first consultation.