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Bethesda Assault Lawyer

Being arrested and charged with assault can be frightening and stressful, but you don’t have to fight the charge alone. With a Bethesda criminal lawyer on your side, you will be prepared and equipped for the challenges of your defense.

Consulting an Assault Lawyer in Bethesda, Maryland

If you are charged with assault, it is important to quickly contact a Bethesda assault attorney to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. Maryland assault charges vary widely in their severity, and a lawyer can explain the specific charge against you and the potential consequences of each. At your initial consultation, the lawyer can also begin to explore possible defense strategies and advise you about the legal process and how he or she may be able to help you.

In an assault case, there are at least two sides to the story. Your lawyer will listen to your side and fight for your voice to be heard. In many cases, assault charges are inflated; a Bethesda assault lawyer can work to have those charges reduced. In other cases, the evidence does not support a criminal charge. Our assault defense attorneys are committed to advocating for our clients, working for dismissal or acquittal whenever possible.

Maryland Assault Charges

At its simplest, assault occurs when someone intentionally puts another person in fear for his or her safety. However, assault—or the threat of harm—is often charged in conjunction with battery, which is non-consensual physical contact.

Under Maryland law, assault and battery may be charged as either first degree assault or second degree assault. In some cases, a person will be charged with a lesser offense of reckless endangerment.

First Degree Assault

The most serious assault charge under Maryland law is assault in the first degree. Under Maryland Criminal Law Code § 3-202, first degree assault is that which is perpetrated through the use of a firearm or which results in serious bodily injury: an injury that has significant risk of death or results in disfigurement, disability, loss, or impairment of any body part or organ.
First degree assault is a felony punishable by a maximum of 25 years in prison.

Second Degree Assault

Our Bethesda assault attorneys also represent people charged with second degree assault. According to Maryland Criminal Law Code § 3-203, assault in the second degree occurs when an assault results in injury that is less severe than “serious bodily injury,” but more significant than minor injuries. Additionally, second degree assault encompasses assault of a police officer, emergency worker, or other specified individual in the performance of his or her duties.
Second degree assault is also a felony. The maximum penalty of conviction is 10 years in prison.

Reckless Endangerment

While first and second degree assault are felonies, there is a misdemeanor assault charge codified as reckless endangerment under Maryland Criminal Law Code § 3-204.  Reckless endangerment is any activity that creates substantial risk of injury or death. Intentional discharge of a firearm from a vehicle is one act which may be prosecuted as reckless endangerment.
Reckless endangerment is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

Bethesda Criminal Lawyers: Assault Defense

To learn more about Maryland assault laws, or to find out how an assault attorney in Bethesda can help you, call today to schedule a free consultation.