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Bethesda Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

Individuals who participate in activities involving loud noises or disruptive behavior could be subject to arrest under the criminal code. These laws are meant to preserve peace. However, law enforcement officers might make disorderly conduct arrests to avoid spending time de-escalating the situation.

Although disorderly conduct is one of the least severe criminal charges under state law, multiple convictions could lead to significant time behind bars. If you are facing allegations of disruptive behavior, a seasoned criminal defense attorney could help you fight your charges. Call our office today to discuss what a Bethesda disorderly conduct lawyer could do for you.

State Laws Regarding Disruptive Conduct

Because of its broad nature, disorderly conduct is defined by a series of legal provisions. Under Maryland Criminal Code § 10-201, an individual could be charged with disorderly conduct if they are obstructing another person’s access to a public place, making an unreasonably loud noise, or failing to follow instructions of law enforcement officers in a manner that causes a disturbance.

Most of the provisions of this statute apply to public spaces. Common places that disorderly conduct arrests occur include:

  • Public sidewalks or streets
  • Public buildings
  • Banks, restaurants, or bars
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Sporting events

This statute is not intended to prevent lawful protests. Additionally, people are permitted to gather and engage in activities that do not disturb anyone. A local disorderly conduct attorney could help an accused person determine whether the actions that led to their arrest fall under the statute or were protected by their constitutional rights.

Common Causes of Disorderly Conduct Arrests in Bethesda

An arrest for disorderly conduct could occur in a wide variety of circumstances, as it is often used as a catch-all charge. Disruptive behavior arrests are especially common during bar fights and other altercations. Intoxicated partygoers making loud noises or blocking sidewalks may also risk being charged with disorderly conduct.

These arrests are often made when police are attempting to bring order to an out-of-control situation. In other instances, law enforcement may be abusing their authority to arrest nonviolent protesters or irritants. An experienced disorderly conduct lawyer could represent an accused party in court regardless of the cause of the arrest.

Identification in Disorderly Conduct Cases

Many disorderly conduct defenses are based on identification. Disruptive behavior arrests often occur during large gatherings, making it difficult to identify one person in a crowd. The police may arrest someone who was not involved in the disorderly conduct.

With a strong defense, those who have been wrongly accused of behaving in a disruptive manner could achieve a positive outcome in their case. A local attorney could fight to have a defendant’s disorderly conduct charges dismissed or their penalties lessened.

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Any arrest can cause endless stress and worry. A skilled attorney could help you avoid a conviction or reduce the impact of a criminal charge.

A legal professional could help you understand your chances of acquittal. Call a Bethesda disorderly conduct lawyer today to schedule a consultation.