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Bethesda Gun Lawyer

Gun charges are treated seriously in Bethesda because law enforcement is concerned that unlawful possession of a gun will lead to handguns getting into the wrong hands and be used for more serious criminal activity, such as assault or theft.

If you have been charged with the unlawful carry or transportation of a handgun, contact an experienced Bethesda criminal lawyer today. Our firm offers free consultations and prides itself on helping clients achieve a positive outcome in their criminal matter.

Common Gun Charges

The most common gun or firearm offense is the unlawful possession or transport of a handgun. For example, a person carrying a gun on their person or in their vehicle without a lawful wear-carry permit. Another example would be storing the gun in a place within their vehicle that is not consistent with Maryland statutes regarding proper gun storage during transportation.

Generally, these charges are innocuous. They are committed by people who lawfully purchased or own the gun, but were irresponsible in transporting or carrying it. These are offenses that otherwise law-abiding citizens can find themselves being charged with.

Prosecution in Bethesda

Prosecutors treat gun offenses very seriously and prosecute them to the fullest extent, especially if a person is charged with possession or unlawful transport of a handgun. They view this as an opportunity to ensure that gun owners, or people who want to own guns, recognize the importance of proper maintenance and handling of guns. They want to ensure the guns stay out of the wrong hands and are not used for inappropriate purposes.

A gun charge could carry the possibility of a period of incarceration, as well as a lengthy probation, and a criminal convictions on the defendant’s record. These could have collateral consequences, such as the inability to own a gun at any point in the future.

Defense Strategies

Firearm charges are among the most complex charges handled in a criminal court system. A common defense strategy is putting forth a motion to suppress evidence coming into court. An unlawful search or seizure, or violation of a person’s Fourth Amendment rights are grounds for suppression.

Additional strategies include raising issues regarding the insufficiency of evidence when it is put forth at court. For example, most gun cases in Bethesda require verification that the gun was properly test fired, in order to be admissible as an unlawful weapon being carried.

If prosecutors are not able to verify that test fire, then the gun would be inadmissible as evidence in court. These are the kind of things an aggressive Bethesda gun lawyer can identify and argue, which could potentially result in a significant reduction of or complete acquittal of the charges against you.

Role of a Bethesda Gun Attorney

Gun charges often carry many constitutional issues which need to be addressed, including the Fourth Amendment right against unlawful search and seizure. It is important to work with an experienced gun attorney with the resources to research these issues available at a private firm. It is important to contact an attorney the moment a person becomes aware they have been charged with a gun offense, so the attorney has time to build a strong defense fitting the details and circumstances of the case.