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Bethesda Solicitation Lawyer

Being accused of soliciting someone else for sex or attempting to induce or enable someone to participate in prostitution can have dire consequences. On top of the various social and personal repercussions that an allegation of this nature could have, you may also face criminal sanctions that could include substantial fines and sometimes even time in jail.

However, it is often possible to proactively fight back against these kinds of charges with a seasoned Bethesda solicitation lawyer’s support. Whether this is your first experience with criminal charges of any kind, or you have been a criminal defendant before, representation from a capable defense attorney could make a huge difference with effectively enforcing your rights under the law and protecting your best interests.

How State Law Defines Criminal Solicitation

It is illegal for anyone in Maryland to offer sexual services—whether it takes the form of sexual contact or intercourse—in exchange for anything of value, and likewise illegal for anyone to provide something of value in exchange for sex or attempt to make any such transactions. These offenses are respectively known as “prostitution” and “solicitation.” Another related term that appears in relevant sections of state law is “assignation,” which entails someone making a plan or appointment for prostitution and then taking some action in furtherance of that plan. State law also expressly prohibits anyone from:

  • Knowingly operating, occupying, or owning a building used to facilitate prostitution
  • Knowingly allowing a prostitute to enter a private building or residence
  • Procuring or offering to procure sexual services for compensation on behalf of any other person

Under certain circumstances, someone may be charged with multiple solicitation and solicitation-related offenses at once based on a single encounter—for example, first for attempting to solicit a prostitute, and second for knowingly letting that prostitute into their home. A knowledgeable Bethesda solicitation attorney could explain important definitions and statutes in as much detail as needed during a confidential consultation.

What Penalties Could a Bethesda Solicitation Conviction Have?

As per Maryland Code, Criminal Law §11-306, solicitation is categorized as a misdemeanor offense in Bethesda and throughout Maryland. This means that a person convicted of violating this statute may face penalties of up to one year in jail and/or a $500 fine.

Notably, this section of state law also prohibits any person forced under duress to engage in solicitation because they were a victim of human trafficking or a similar criminal offense from being convicted of criminal solicitation. Additionally, as a qualified solicitation attorney in Bethesda could explain, it is sometimes possible to contest solicitation charges based on unlawful “entrapment”—in other words, the defendant being convinced by law enforcement during a sting operation to commit a crime which, without that undue influence, they would not have committed.

Contact a Bethesda Solicitation Attorney for Help with Your Charges

Aside from being potentially embarrassing in your personal and professional life, criminal charges for solicitation of sex can have severe consequences in a criminal context as well. Fortunately, assistance is available from dedicated legal professionals who know how to effectively handle sensitive cases like yours.

A conversation with a qualified Bethesda solicitation lawyer could help you understand what options you have and choose the right strategy for your specific interests and needs. Call today to schedule a meeting.