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Bethesda Drug Arrests

Someone may be arrested for a drug offense in Bethesda and brought into the police station if an officer believes there is probable cause to place them under arrest.

The person being arrested should know if they are advised of their right to remain silent they should remain silent. However, not everyone placed under arrest is given a Miranda warning and that may be a violation of their constitutional right.

Every person has the right to remain silent and respectfully tell the officer that they want to speak to an experienced drug attorney before participating in any further discussion about the case. Once brought to a police station and charged, the officer may give them the charging document and a brief statement of probable cause.

Rights and Consent

The person being arrested has the right to remain silent and the right to counsel. Meaning, when interacting with a police officer, they always have a right to remain silent and respectfully request an attorney.

Everyone should make sure they are aware of those rights and may exercise them at any time.

An officer does not need to be given consent in order to conduct a search of someone’s vehicle, home, or person.  It is not required under the law for someone to ever give consent to an officer.

Silence is Golden

A person should avoid discussing anything related to the criminal enterprise. That includes where they are coming from or where they are going, whether they have something from the car that belongs to them, or anything else that can criminally implicate them.

Even things that a person believes may be harmless in a conversation with the officer, could be used against them. It is always a good rule to not say anything.

Bond Hearing

They might then see a commissioner, who sets a bond for them, which they can pay or have somebody pay on their behalf in order to be released.

If they cannot afford the bond set by the commissioner, they can see a judge at the next available bond hearing. The judge then determines the appropriate amount of bond so they can be released from jail.

Sometimes if the drug charge is minor enough and they do not have a lengthy criminal history or arrests, they are released immediately on their own recognizance and do not have to pay any kind of bond.

Arrest Expectations

Following an arrest for drug-related charges in Bethesda, a person should expect to be transported to a police station to be formally processed. Subsequently, other status motions hearing may be set in the courts.

Their release may come with a condition such as pre-trial supervision which might require them to report to an agent of the court pending their court date. There may also be drug testing and treatment ordered by the court.

Determination of Charges

The quantity of the drug found could affect the charges somebody acquires after being arrested, such as simple possession or something more serious. The charges could also impact release conditions such as whether or not someone is released by bond and the amount of the bond.

Other aggravating factors include their criminal history, whether they are considered a danger to the public, if they were in possession of any kind of weapon, and whether they were cooperative with the officer when being arrested.

Arrest Association

People may face a drug arrest in Bethesda if the officer has probable cause to believe they were involved in the drug-related offense. People at the scene could be arrested. Alternatively, they could become a witness for the government with respect to the criminal prosecution of the drug arrest.

Someone might not be arrested if they had nothing to do with the drug offense. For example, if they are driving a vehicle with passengers in the car and drugs are found in someone’s pocket when the officer conducts a lawful search. The driver might be the only one charged or arrested for the drug offense.

The other people in the vehicle might be let go. There are different circumstances under which all members at the scene of the arrest might not be charged with a drug offense.