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Bethesda Drug Distribution Lawyer

Drug distribution is a felony offense and refers to a person that is caught selling or distributing a controlled dangerous substance to someone else. This is more serious charge than simple possession because, in a simple possession circumstance, a person may only be harming themselves from the court’s perspective. In a distribution, the person now poses a danger to other members of the community, which is why it is treated more seriously as a felony charge.

Due to this distinction and the serious penalties it involves, it is imperative those accused seek the counsel of an experienced drug lawyer immediately. An experienced Bethesda drug distribution lawyer can assist in effectively minimizing or dismissing any penalties associated with your charge.

Severity of the Charge

Bethesda has always treated drug distribution as a very serious offense, but currently, there is more focus on it. Law enforcement is cracking down by using confidential informants and setting up controlled drug buys where people are caught on video and audio recordings while committing drug distribution which can be used against them in court later in the process.

Aggravating Factors

The aggravating factors of a drug distribution charge might be that a person was in possession of a handgun at the time they were charged with distribution, were distributing to a child, or were distributing near a school zone.

These are all indicators that would elevate the severity of a drug distribution charge and make it imperative that a Bethesda drug distribution lawyer is contacted as soon as possible.

Trial Process

During trial, the prosecution uses any evidence they can compile during the course of the investigation and arrest. That includes the drugs, any confidential informants that might be involved, witnesses to the drug distribution, police officer statements, and often video and audio recording of the events as they occurred.

The most important elements that tend to be contested at trial by a Bethesda drug distribution attorney are those associated with how the officer actually obtained the evidence. If the officer obtained the evidence through unlawful means such as using warrants that were not supported by a proper basis and proceeding with them anyway, it will be contested in a criminal defense.

Constitutional Issues

Fourth Amendment constitutional issues can arise during a drug distribution charge, usually in the form of unlawful search and seizure. There are issues associated with unlawful warrants that might be executed or the unlawful means to secure evidence such as wiretapping or surveillance. These can be explored when developing a defense for drug distribution charge.

An experienced Bethesda drug distribution attorney can help an individual discern if there were any constitutional issues that arose in their particular case.

Importance of an Attorney

It is important to look for a Bethesda drug distribution lawyer who has particular experience working in the community where the drug distribution offense is charged. The attorney should know the judges there and understand wiretapping laws, confidential informant rules, and constitutional rules associated with search and seizure.

It is extremely important to formulate the most appropriate defense for the client to give them the best opportunity to have their defense heard in court.