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Bethesda Volume Dealer Lawyer

A volume dealer in Bethesda is anybody who distributes a large volume of drugs or provides drugs to distributors. Volume dealers can be charged with a range of felonies including possession with intent to distribute the drug and distribution of that drug.

There are other drug trafficking charges considered far more serious than a simple drug-related offense that one might face when they are not a volume dealer.

If someone has been charged with a volume dealer charge, an experienced drug lawyer can help. A Bethesda volume dealer lawyer can break down the charges and clarify the best course of action based on the facts of the case.

Volume Dealing Charges

There is no specific amount of a substance required to elevate a drug distribution charge to a volume dealer charge. However, people should understand that any surrounding circumstances officers discover during their investigation can lead to the determination that somebody was involved in volume dealing.

The average drug dealer with a few ounces of marijuana on their person or in their home is not considered a volume dealer. Volume dealers are people with large quantities of a controlled dangerous substance intended for distribution.

Bethesda Drug Investigations

Volume dealer cases are investigated more thoroughly because the investigation is more complex. The investigations, procedures, and criminal prosecution for volume dealer cases are much more detail-oriented. Bethesda volume dealer cases involve people who are charged in addition to the many people that led to the criminal investigation.

There can be multiple witnesses and confidential informants that are needed to develop the criminal indictment or charges for volume dealers. The information they provide helps the police officer when they determine where a particular volume dealer case should go and how the case should be prosecuted. In this regard, a Bethesda volume dealer attorney is extremely important to defend the individual and ensure that their rights are protected throughout the investigation.

Role of the Federal Government

Many volume dealer cases are prosecuted by the federal government because they have the resources necessary to prosecute a volume dealer successfully. Volume dealer cases are costly to prosecute and are difficult for one prosecutor to take on the entire burden of the state. The Department of Justice has deeper pockets and more resources at their disposal to successfully prosecute Bethesda volume dealer cases.

Continuing Criminal Enterprise

Being charged with a continuing criminal enterprise means that the person is being charged with an ongoing crime. The criminal event does not resolve itself by way of a single transaction. For example, one person selling drugs to another person once. Rather, than an ongoing effort by the party to continue to conduct themselves in a way where the criminal activity is repeated as opposed to a one-time incident.

Continuing criminal enterprise charges are different from drug conspiracy charges because they are larger in scale. Drug conspiracy charges may involve only a couple of people. Criminal enterprises are usually large-scale criminal operations that the government tries to eradicate. They are usually drug kingpin cases, racketeering cases, and things of that nature.

Associated Penalties

Criminal enterprise penalties depend on the kind of charge. Penalties associated with this kind of charge include lengthy periods of incarceration, up to five years of supervised probation, and significant fines.

The kind of criminal enterprise is extremely important when officers decide what to charge. The penalties associated with the criminal enterprise could be decades of incarceration, lengthy periods of probation, and heavy fines making it important that a Bethesda volume dealing lawyer is consulted.

Bethesda Commonality 

Volume dealer charges are uncommon in Bethesda because there are not many volume dealers in the area. Volume dealers are found in neighboring areas or communities that are closer to other states.

There are volume dealer cases in the Harford County area on the border of Delaware very close to the I-95 corridor where drugs are often trafficked.

St. Mary’s County or the Charleston areas in the southern parts of Maryland may interact with other states bringing in drugs. Typically, places like Montgomery County and Bethesda do not have many volume dealer cases.

Bethesda Volume Dealer Defense

Bethesda volume dealer lawyers understand the forum, judges, and prosecutors involved in a volume dealer case. The lawyer recognizes the issues in the volume dealer case that can be resolved in court to help the person beat the charges or have them reduced.

These matters include constitutional issues with unlawful search when making the volume dealer arrest. Issues associated with the evidence and its admissibility, how the prosecutor brought the volume dealer case to court, and whether the individual’s trial rights are violated with respect to the Fifth Amendment.

A Bethesda volume dealer lawyer can also question whether the evidence of the volume dealer is sufficient to any finder of fact; the judge or jury in that jurisdiction. Only a lawyer with relationships in the courthouse can offer the most detailed and comprehensive view of how to approach these kinds of charges.