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Bethesda Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Drug trafficking is a unique charge because it involves more than just a possession of a particular controlled dangerous substance or even a possession with an indication of an intent to distribute. Drug trafficking is when somebody brings a large amount of drugs into the community or has involvement in supplying drugs to people at lower levels who distribute them.

A person who is charged with drug trafficking may also be charged for things like the manufacturing of drugs, or as a kingpin in certain circumstances in the Federal System. Possession of a controlled dangerous substance in a large amount is often a charge in drug trafficking.

If you have been charged with such a crime and are seeking legal representation, a Bethesda drug trafficking lawyer can assist in building a strong defense for your charge.

Endangering Civilians

People in the community can be negatively affected when somebody is drug trafficking. When people are injured or die, that can carry stigma with how seriously a court treats a particular criminal offense.
It can also lead to other charges associated with reckless endangerment and possibly homicide. A person could be facing an entirely new set of problems when other lives are endangered in the process of drug trafficking. A Bethesda drug trafficking lawyer can assist an individual in reducing any consequences associated with their charge.

Severity of the Charge

Bethesda law enforcement is trying to crack down on other drug-related offenses at a grassroots level. They try to find people who are at the lowest end of the scale; individuals who are simply in possession of a drug.
Law enforcement tries to get them to turn on their dealers and then tries to get those dealers to flip on their dealers to get their hands on drug traffickers.

Multiple Defendants

Drug trafficking cases almost always involve multiple defendants. People are usually not running drug trafficking operations on their own. There are many people involved and often, not all of those people know everything there is to know.

It is to the government’s benefit to have multiple co-defendants who can share information and who have different levels of leverage on other co-defendants in the case. The government can learn more and more about this kind of organized crime.

Having multiple defendants in a case has an impact on the case because oftentimes, more than one defendant involved could cause people to flip on each other. That can create problems for one or more defendants when they recognize that people they formerly worked with or considered friends or colleagues are now going to be used against them in a criminal prosecution.

Having multiple co-defendants could be giving some benefit to the government when it comes to a drug trafficking-related offense.

Points to Note

People should recognize that drug trafficking charges are rarely handled at the state level. Usually, these charges go to the Federal Court System. It is important to hire a Bethesda drug trafficking attorney who can work hard to keep these charges at the state level because in the Federal System, the possible penalties and mandatory minimum sentences could be very detrimental and have a huge impact on a person’s liberty.

Additionally, people should know that drug trafficking-related offenses are often very lengthy. It is important to work with a Bethesda drug trafficking lawyer who can keep the client prepared and comfortable. The attorney works with the client over a lengthy period of time to assist them in getting the best resolution possible.