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Defense Strategies for Bethesda Drug Charges

Drug charges can be intimidating to face in Bethesda because it is a part of Montgomery County, one of the counties in the State of Maryland with the highest prosecution rate. Someone with a drug charge in Bethesda is going up against police officers and prosecutors who are very well trained in investigating and prosecuting these types of cases, solidifying the necessity of a strong defense strategy against the drug charge.

When somebody has a drug charge on their record, they should recognize that the drug charge can lead to the possibility of a period of incarceration, lengthy periods of probation, and hefty fines to the court. Therefore, people should not try to deal with these consequences without the assistance of an experienced Bethesda drug attorney.

Possible Constitutional Issues

Constitutional issues can include a Fourth Amendment issue, which is associated with unlawful search and seizure around the premises where a controlled dangerous substance is found. Many times, people are in possession of a controlled dangerous substance in their car. An officer must not only demonstrate that they found the drugs in the car but also demonstrate how the drugs were found in the car and they did not violate constitutional rights against unlawful search and seizure.

When a defense attorney looks at these types of cases, they understand and recognize the value of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. The attorney should be able to search for a proper basis for the search to have been conducted, and if it was not, begin preparing a defense strategy against the Bethesda drug charge. If they find errors in the reason for the police officer to proceed with a search and seizure, the attorney can file the appropriate request to exclude from the courtroom the evidence that was found.

A violation of Constitutional issues can be a strong defense strategy for any individuals facing a drug charge in Bethesda.

Benefit of an Attorney

A person facing drug-related charges should contact an attorney immediately when they know they are being investigated for a drug-related charge. For some drug-related charges at a smaller level, perhaps the person was behind the wheel of a vehicle and not expecting to get caught that day.

They do not have a chance to call in a lawyer right there on the side of road. However, they should call them as soon as it practically makes sense for them to do so. The attorney can begin the investigation and establish the entire representation process to ensure their rights are protected moving forward.

A person who is involved in a larger scale drug investigation perhaps related to drug distribution might have clues that the police are trying to speak with them. Perhaps people in the community told them that police officers are investigating them. In those circumstances, the person might know well in advance of being charged with the crime.

They must have an attorney to make sure that if there are any issues, the attorney can communicate with the police and assert their right to a fair trial. The attorney can begin the investigation and make sure that all of their client’s rights are protected as they go forward in any type of investigation process that comes up. A lawyer should be contacted immediately in order to begin preparing any defense strategies that can be employed in an individual’s Bethseda drug case.