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DUI Classes in Maryland

There are many DUI alcohol education programs in Maryland. These programs have varying levels of intensity and lengths at various costs. An attorney should have a Rolodex of DUI classes for the entire state, so that they can find one that is not only affordable but close in proximity to their client, as well as being appropriate for the court system where their client’s matter is best held.

Every jurisdiction has different things that they expect from people who are charged with alcohol related offenses. Some jurisdictions take alcohol charges more seriously than other jurisdictions do, and for that reason they have a very different set of expectations for people when they are participating in alcohol education or DUI programs. A Maryland DUI lawyer can help their client understand what to expect.

Mandatory DUI Education Courses

DUI school is never mandatory before court, but sometimes judges can order someone to do it after court. As a precaution, it is always important to have something like that available for the attorney before the hearing start. Completion or successful participation in some kind of alcohol education program can go a long way in demonstrating to the judge know how seriously an individual is taking the offense, and it can also be a really powerful negotiating tool for an attorney when trying to work out the matter with the prosecutor in the case.

Educational materials usually would involve speakers who can talk about not only health risks associated with consumption of alcohol, but also how alcohol might be processed by the body. Also, speakers who might have been impacted by drunk drivers in their own family or victimized by drunk drivers can shed some light for people who are charged and help show just how seriously the community takes these incidences.

Management of Classes

For the most part, these services are offered by private companies. However, most of them are certified by the State of Maryland. They do have to go through some sort of a certification program to indicate to the court that they are going to be following a curriculum that the court deems appropriate.
While no court system has a standard set of locations that they send their clients to, those facing charges in most court systems are familiar with the reputable programs in the community and an attorney who is familiar with the practice area can help direct their clients to the ones that they think can work best for their particular set of circumstances.

Online Courses

There are several online DUI courses, some of which are based in Maryland, and some of which that aren’t. It doesn’t matter where the class is based out of though since it is online. However, judges do not consider online courses to have the same value classes where somebody is attending an actual course by way of going to classes on a routine basis.

First, there is something to be said for the initiative involved and actually having to give up your time and go to a class on a regular basis. Secondly, judges are familiar with the instructors and directors of these class programs where people actually have to attend and understand the curriculum. Judges know that people actually have to partake and involve themselves, and will have homework and things of that nature.

Online classes don’t offer those same assurances to the court, which is why they are usually frowned upon, particularly when it comes to criminal cases.

Traffic School v. DUI Courses

You can offer to go to traffic school, but it is not the same as going to a DUI course. Traffic school is usually something that’s more appropriate for people who are accused of driving erratically, speeding, reckless driving, or things of that nature. DUI courses really focus on alcohol education and inform participants why consuming alcohol while driving is not the appropriate thing to do. Those are different courses and your attorney can advise someone on which is most appropriate for their particular set of circumstances.