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Security Clearance Issues and Immigration Status in DUI Cases

Our lawyers have represented many clients who are not citizens of the United States who are facing DUI charges in Maryland. We understand that clients who are not citizens may face significant immigration consequences. Our team will work with you to minimize the effect of your case on your status in this country.

Immigration Implications

If you are not in this country legally or if your citizenship is up in the air or being determined by the U.S. government, you do not want to give them any reason to deny you. If you are facing a conviction for drunk driving or another alcohol-related traffic incident, you cannot afford to take the situation lightly. Make sure you retain the services of a qualified legal professional who can help you avoid a conviction that could have very serious negative effects on your life moving forward.

Security Clearance

A Maryland DUI charge can have a lasting impact on your life. Both personally and professionally, such a conviction can haunt you for years to come. Long after the charge has been resolved, it can rear its ugly head when you search for employment. Many professions require security clearance or background checks and some employers, including certain government agencies, may eliminate you from the applicant pool because of a past DUI. Having an experienced attorney on your side to help prevent such elimination can ensure your career goals are not impeded by this blemish on your record.

There are things that can be done, steps that can be taken, to prevent problems with security clearance and Maryland DUI charges. By discussing your case with a local attorney experienced in such areas of law, you can ensure that your road to success is as seamless as possible.

Other Consequences

A Maryland DUI charge does not just affect an individual’s chances of obtaining a security clearance; it can cause the revocation of an existing current clearance as well. Depending on your employer, a DUI conviction could cause you to lose your job or face demotion as your security clearance is revoked. In situations like this, working with the prosecutor could save you a conviction and prevent such consequences in your professional life.

There are many variables that affect your DUI case and security clearance. Your employer’s policies are often the most telling, and these policies vary greatly from government agency to government agency and from employer to employer. As you likely already know, they can even vary from position to position within the same department. Making sense of the security clearance issues in regards to your Maryland DUI charge can be much easier with a legal advocate on your side.

Our attorneys have handled security clearance and Maryland DUI cases before. They know what you are up against and they know your options. Contact our offices today to discuss your case and get your questions answered in a free initial consultation.