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Rockville Drug Lawyer

The most common type of drug crime in Rockville is simple possession of a controlled dangerous substance, whether it’s a small amount of marijuana, a small amount of prescription medication that was unlawfully prescribed or some other controlled dangerous substance that a person is in possession of for recreational use.  These kinds of common criminal offenses are usually misdemeanors, and provided the person does not have an extensive criminal background, these drug crimes are usually pretty easily resolved in the court system as long as you work with an experienced Rockville drug lawyer who is aware of how to resolve drug cases.

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Contacting a Drug Lawyer

It’s important to contact a Rockville drug attorney as soon as possible. Generally speaking in drug-related offenses, you’re not going to have any idea that you are being investigated for a drug-related offense until well after the investigation has started. Once you’re made aware, you may not have access to a phone or the ability to call a trusted legal professional.

Through the arrest process it is important to avoid answering the officer’s questions and to politely ask to speak with a lawyer before speaking to the officer regarding any further. Once you’ve been processed and charged, you’ll have an opportunity to speak with a lawyer. Make sure you can explain to the attorney exactly what it is that your concerns are, what happened, and have them help you identify any defenses that might be available for your case.

Drug Enforcement

The most important drug crime that authorities in Rockville are trying to crack down on are possession of controlled dangerous substances like prescription medications. For a long time, prescription medications have been overlooked as being harmless because they are legal in certain situations. However, authorities have begun putting in a great deal of effort to try and educate the community about the fact that prescription drugs are not harmless and the continued sort of dismissal or minimization of these kinds of controlled dangerous substances needs to end.

Enforcing drug possession laws is something that has been up for debate for a long time. It’s very difficult to find out who is actually using these kinds of drugs recreationally. Sometimes officers are not able to find out until it’s too late and only catch somebody in a circumstance where they are in trouble because of their use, because they’re driving or operating some vehicle while under the influence or they’ve overdosed and they’re in the hospital.

Monitoring and enforcing the laws is difficult. The most common way that we see it happen is where somebody is in possession of something and it’s in their vehicle and they’re driving. They get pulled over for a traffic stop and the officer somehow either identifies the controlled dangerous substance because it’s in plain view or because they asked for permission to search the individual’s vehicle and the individual gives them consent to search their vehicle. It is crucial to talk to a Rockville drug attorney to understand necessary rights in such scenarios.

Diversion Programs for Drug Charges

For the most part, diversion programs are offered to first time offenders, and a Rockville drug attorney could discuss possible details. Each county in the state has a different diversion program that they offer in terms of first-time offender drug cases, but the most common program that one would see in Rockville and Montgomery County is a program called the IPSA program. IPSA program stands for the Interventional Program for Substance Abusers. The program varies in the length of time an individual is committed to, but definitely require completion of a drug education class, community service, a payment of fees, and sometimes all three.

Constitutional Issues in Drug Cases

The most common constitutional issue that arises is a person’s lack of knowledge regarding their rights under the Fourth Amendment. Unlawful searches, seizures of a person, of their vehicle, of the property that’s in their vehicle, are all issues that come up. You want a Rockville drug attorney who understands those rules and will help in determining whether or not any of the evidence that was found in a controlled dangerous substance type of case can be suppressed from evidence.

Local Laws in That Can Affect Drug Cases

Local laws that affect drug crime cases are usually related to traffic. These kinds of violations will prompt an officer to potentially approach an individual for one reason allowing the officer to perhaps discover the odor of drugs or the visibility of paraphernalia that raises suspicion. So certainly, there are other kinds of rules or areas of law that come into play in controlled dangerous substance cases.

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