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Attempting to Elude an Officer in Rockville County 

Officers will turn on their sirens and light, signaling for a person to stop their vehicle, and an individual will be cited for attempting to elude an officer in Rockville if that person begins driving recklessly or erratically or if that person turns off their vehicle lights in an attempt to flee the office.

The charge is qualified as a traffic misdemeanor, and if you receive this citation, you are required to appear in court. That is why if you have been charged with attempting to elude an officer, you should retain the services of a reputable Rockville traffic attorney that can advocate for you.

Expectations for Eluding an Officer Cases

A person should expect that the attempt to elude an officer cases in Rockville are taken seriously because the driving associated with this charge creates a danger to others on the road as well as the officer. Prosecutors handle an attempt to elude officer cases in Rockville because these types of citations come with the potential of jail time. The judges in Rockville have a desire to deter this type of behavior, so it is common for judges to get severe penalties to those individuals who have been convicted of this charge.

Elements of the Charge

In order to be convicted of attempting to elude an officer in Rockville, the prosecutor must prove that a person willfully failed to stop at their individual told them to do so. It is incumbent upon the officer to be readily identified as an officer and give a person a signal to stop. The penalties associated with this citation include a maximum of one year in jail, a fine and 12 points on their license.

Instances That Do Not Count as Eluding an Officer

It is not attempting to elude an officer in Rockville if an individual purposely exits a highway after seeing an officer clock their speed. An officer clocking an individual’s speed is not the same as an officer signaling a person to pull over and stop their vehicle. There has been no indication by the officer that they want the person to stop so that individual is not intentionally fleeing.

Looking for a Safe Place to Pull Over

It is not attempting to elude an officer if a person is looking for a safe place to pull over. In this instance, it is not the person’s intention to elude the officer. However, a person should turn on their hazard lights to notify the officer that they are aware of their presence while that person finds a safe place to park.

How a Rockville County Lawyer Can Help

If you face an attempting to elude an officer in Rockville charge, a capable traffic lawyer can help by appearing at the scheduled hearing with you. The lawyer can cross-examine the officer and present arguments which can potentially lessen the likelihood of you receiving points on your driver’s record. Speak to a skilled attorney who can advocate for you.