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Rockville License Suspensions

There are several common causes of license suspensions in Rockville. If someone fails to appear for their scheduled court date, falls behind on their child support obligations, or accumulates too many points on their driving record, their license can be suspended. There are immediate consequences for Rockville license suspensions.
If your license has been suspended, you will want to schedule a hearing, pay off late fines, and ensure you are up to date with your child support obligations. There are several common ways your license can be suspended in Rockville, so it is critical that you consult a dedicated traffic lawyer who can assist you during this process.

Common Cause of License Suspensions

Some of the most common causes of Rockville license suspensions include a driver failing to appear at a scheduled court date. Maryland law states that when an individual misses a court date, the MVA is notified and an individual’s license must be suspended. Additionally, if the driver fails to pay court-ordered fines or if a person ignores a court order to pay a ticket fine, the MVA will be notified. The license will be suspended until the fine is paid in full.
If an individual falls behind on their child support obligations, the Child Support Enforcement Administration will have the ability to determine whether or not they want to suspend that individual’s license. The administration can instruct the MVA to suspend the individual’s license after a person falls behind on payment for a minimum of 60 days.
Additionally, an accumulation of too many points on a person’s driving record can cause a license suspension.This entails that an individual was either found liable for several small traffic violations, which start off as one to two points and added up to a license suspension or person was found liable for one serious offense which led to a suspension on its own.

Process to Challenge a Suspension

Once a person receives the driver’s license suspension notice from the MVA, that person can choose to surrender their license and simply mail their license in or take their license to the nearest MVA. A person must surrender their license by the suspension date listed on a notice.
However, they may also choose to challenge their Rockville license suspensions. In order to challenge the suspension, a person must request an administrative hearing at the Office of Administrative Hearings. There is a $150.00-filing fee when requesting an administrative hearing. The individual will receive a notice in the mail of the hearing location, date and time.
For a driving record point suspension, an individual must request a hearing within 15 days. For a restriction violation suspension, an individual must request a hearing anytime before their suspension date. For an alcohol-related suspension or refusing a blood alcohol test, an individual must request a hearing within 30 days of receiving their suspension notice. Their license will be suspended until the fine is paid in full.
Once the hearing is complete, the OAH will notify the MVA of their result. If their license is suspended and not surrendered to the administrative law judge, that individual must return their driver’s license to an MVA office. If that person is not satisfied with the administrative law judge’s decision, they may file an appeal within 30 days of their hearing date.

Consequences of a DUI

If a person was found driving under the influence of alcohol, their license will be taken away from them upon their arrest. That individual will be issued a temporary driver’s license; this is a piece of paper that will allow a person to continue driving for 45 days.
Upon receiving the temporary driver’s license, a person can request an administrative hearing. In this instance, the MVA will send a person a notice extending the temporary license until their hearing date.
A person must be found not guilty of driving or attempting to drive while under the influence of alcohol before they are able to get their license back.  An individual’s license will be given back pending the results of their DUI case in the Montgomery County District Court.

Attaining an Attorney

A person can have their license suspended for several reasons. It is important that if someone’s license is suspended that they contact a knowledgeable attorney who understands Rockville license suspensions. There are immediate and long-term consequences if a person’s license is suspended. Once a person’s request for administrative hearing has been received, they will receive notice of the location, date and time of their administrative hearing.
If you have outstanding traffic violation fines, are behind on your child support obligations, or have accumulated too many driving points, your license can be suspended. You will want a local attorney to review your case and determine the best course of action for you during this process.