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Rockville Demerit Point System

Accumulating enough demerit points can produce burdensome penalties on the individual’s behalf. In some cases, an individual’s license can be suspended or even revoked after accumulating too many demerit points.

In Rockville, traffic points are automatically removed from a person’s driving record after three years if they have not committed another moving violation or other criminal offense involving a motor vehicle during the previous three-year period.

The MVA’s action will also depend on how many points the individual accumulated over the previous two years. However, in order to dispute any points assessed it is critical that you consult a traffic attorney to effectively fight the motion.

Accumulation of Points

When points are assessed to an individual’s record through the Rockville demerit point system, the MVA will review their record in order to determine how many points they have accumulated. If an individual has accumulated three to four points, the MVA will send them a warning letter. This letter will notify the individual that more stern measures will be taken if they receive additional points.
If an individual has accumulated five to seven points, they will be required to complete a driver improvement program. These programs are offered across the state by various third-party companies.
If an individual has accumulated eight to eleven points, they will receive a notice of suspension and their license will automatically be suspended. If an individual’s license is suspended as a result of point accumulation, they do have the option to request a hearing to explain why a suspension period should not be imposed.
If an individual has accumulated 12 or more points, they will receive a notice of revocation and their license will be revoked. That individual will then be required to apply for a new license once the revocation period is complete.

Long-Term Consequences

Any accumulation of points can have considerable long-term consequences. Most importantly, points assessed through the Rockville demerit point system to an individual’s driver’s record can lead to increased insurance rates.
Under some circumstances, an individual’s insurance company may even drop their coverage if they are deemed a risky driver. Points may also result in a reduction or loss of driving privileges, which can hold negative consequences for their livelihood.

Conviction in Another Jurisdiction

If a Maryland driver is convicted of a traffic violation in another jurisdiction, the MVA may utilize the Rockville demerit point system and assess the points associated with that conviction to their driver’s record, depending on the violation.
Out-of-state violations that may result in an assessment of points include any alcohol or drug-related offenses, homicide or manslaughter involving the use of a motor vehicle, the use of a motor vehicle in the commission of a felony, or leaving the scene of a personal injury accident.

Challenging Driving Points

Upon receiving a citation, an individual can challenge the points associated with that citation before they are assessed to their license by requesting a hearing or trial. They can either request a trial and plead not guilty or request a waiver hearing and plead guilty with an explanation. Once an individual requests a hearing date, a notice will be sent to their address that will identify the date and time of their scheduled court appearance.
However, it is important to note that, if an individual wishes to contest the points appointed by the Rockville demerit point system, they must request a hearing within 30 days of receiving that citation.

Benefit of a Lawyer

A lawyer can help if demerit points jeopardize a person’s driving privileges by attempting to ensure the best possible outcome for that individual’s case. Such a lawyer can make arguments and negotiations on the individual’s behalf that may result in a reduction or waiver of assessed points to their driver’s record.
Moreover, a lawyer will be well-versed in the Rockville driving laws, be able to recommend any possible defenses, and be prepared to assist the individual throughout the entire adjudication process. A Rockville lawyer will also be able to request a hearing at the Montgomery County District Court, attend the hearing, and make arguments on the individual’s behalf.
This is especially important for an out-of-state driver who has been cited for a traffic offense in Rockville County, as a local lawyer can ensure that such a driver does not have to travel back to Rockville to contest the traffic citation.
Any individual who has been cited for a traffic offense in Rockville County and has received demerit points as a result should contact an experienced Rockville traffic lawyer as soon as possible. Such a lawyer can immediately begin to build a defense and work towards a reduction or dismissal of charges.